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What is a Balisong Knife?

If you are a flipper who wants to polish his flipping skills or someone who wants to learn it from scratch, then you must be familiar with a balisong knife because there is no other tool which is more better for flipping than a balisong knife. They allow you to learn the art of flipping and there are even special moves designed to flip a butterfly knife. So are you ready to learn more about them? Let us have a look at a brief introduction of a balisong knife.

What is a Balisong Knife?

A balisong knife is also known as a batanga knife, a fan knife and most commonly a butterfly knife. Are you wondering that why is it called a butterfly knife or a fan knife? Well, that’s because it has one blade and two handles that rotate around the tang and close around the blade like a folding knife. Butterfly knife was originated somewhere around 800 A.D in the state of Philippines. However, many different stories are told up to today about the origins of a butterfly knife but most of them point its origin to be towards Philippines. At that time, it is said that butterfly knife was used extensively in the Filipino martial arts.

Also, later American military also started using them and they gained their majority of the fame from there. This particular design makes it best for flipping and having some fun around with. A balisong knife has a very sharp blade which can lead to unnecessary injuries and wounds if you do not use it with care. Also, flippers love this knife and play different tricks with it, sometimes for their own fun, sometimes to impress others and sometimes in different types of competitions. However, most probably you will see flippers pulling off amazing tricks with a balisong knife in local fairs and circuses.

Also, many other people who are mostly knife enthusiasts buy and keep these knives for collection purposes. A butterfly knife can also be used for self defense but don’t mess around with it until and unless you really know how to use it, otherwise you will just end up injuring yourself severely. A balisong knife is also a folding knife and therefore, it has a locking mechanism to close the knife securely and safely. This mechanism also keeps the handles of a butterfly knife in place and that prevents accidental and unwanted injuries.

Butterfly knives look very beautiful, however, they can prove to be fatal of course because of the deadly blade and the dangerous tricks people perform with them. However, don’t be afraid, there is a safe way too if you want to learn the art of flipping or want to polish your skills. Balisong knife has safe alternative too and that is known as a butterfly knife trainer.

What is a Butterfly Knife Trainer?

A butterfly knife trainer is a knife that looks exactly like a real balisong knife. However, the only difference between a real butterfly knife and a trainer is that, a butterfly knife trainer has a blunt blade which means that it is unsharpened unlike the blade of a real butterfly knife which sharp and deadly. This blunt blade allows you to practice with a butterfly knife trainer safely and you may save yourself and those around you from unwanted and accidental injuries.

Nowadays, numerous varieties of balisong knives are found in market and if you really like to flip around with things, then you just get yourself one, however, do try flipping moves on a butterfly knife trainer first instead of a real balisong knife for safety purposes.

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