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How to Outsource Mobile App Development Services in 2021

The demand for mobile application development is increasing by the day. According to sources, annual mobile app downloads in 2022 are projected to reach 258 billion. That’s a 45% increase from 178 billion downloads in 2017. Even though there are hundreds of thousands of applications available on Google and Appstore. But not all applications succeed. Therefore, considering outsourcing mobile app development services for their expertise is probably one of the finest choices if you are looking for mobile application development on a budget and tight deadline.

Before we look at some of the proven ways using which you can find the best-suited company to meet your development needs, let’s see why you should outsource dedicated development team.

Companies usually outsource web app development (and are not limited to):

● To reduce cost and time

● To focus on core business operations

● To fill in the technical gaps

● When they lack in-house technical expertise or creativity

● When they are unable to retain or train employees

● Most importantly, when tasks and piling up, and there is very little internal help

According to studies, in 2018, the global market for outsourcing was worth $85.6 billion which is evident of the use of outsourcing for the development of a mobile app but it’s important to critically evaluate the use of outsourcing for the development of a mobile app before getting on with it.

Keep in mind the following things before finalizing your decision:

● Try to look for the same values as you in your outsourcing partner. Because cultural differences can make or break teams.

● It’s important that you take care of your intellectual property before outsourcing. You need to protect it.

● Make sure they keep you in the loop and seek regular feedback for smooth progression.

Be Clear About your Project Scope

This one is a given. You simply can not expect your outsourced team to work better if they are unable to understand the complete concept of your application or project. Not just them, you, yourself should be able to understand the scope before moving forward. Be clear about what you want and then forward your idea.

Having said that, a seasoned mobile app outsourcing company may be able to assist you with the strategy but it is not a good idea to leave the basics on them. Even though they do a good market analysis, you should be the one to deliver the basic outline of the application. Provide complete documentation to your partner company, with clear objectives, mission and vision, challenges, opportunities, risks, and expectations. Your document should answer the following questions:

● What problem is your app going to solve and the purpose?

● Who is your target audience?

● The list of features you need in your application?

● Which platform do you want to develop for Android or iOS?

● Which programming language are you expecting to use?

● Your choice of project management methodologies and tools.

● Your estimated budget and deadline?

Cost your Outsourcing App Development

Now, this is tricky since you can have a set budget but after going through the features and functionality the cost may shift. The budget is directly related to the complexity, experience, and time needed for development. Therefore, you need to be smart about how you will manage when you outsource. There is no doubt that outsourcing is cost and time-efficient but some circumstances are uninvited.

Also, the outsourcing market is huge, you can get all kinds of development teams: cheap and expensive. But ensure to not compromise on quality if you go with the less expensive ones. The whole of outsourcing is for you to stand out from your competitors and average apps won’t cut it. Now the question is how to select a cost-effective yet quality?

● Plan your budget beforehand including all the possible costs.

● Decide whether you want a team or an individual developer and stick to it.

● Keep out some money for the rainy day (just in case).

Interviewing Prospects is Essential

If you want to know whether the team matches your criteria and has enough knowledge and expertise to fit your needs, then you should test their potential by interviewing them. Schedule zoom meetings with the few shortlisted ones and interview them to understand their skills and what they can bring to the table.

In the end, hire the one that perfectly aligns with your goals and objectives. Weigh them on their communication skills, among other things. Because miscommunication is not only time-consuming it can flush your project down the drain along with your money. Also, you can not judge people on their words therefore it’s crucial to literally test them on their development skills. Give them a problem to solve. Because testing is one of the proven ways to understand how the team works and whether they have exactly the knowledge you want. On the other hand, see their work samples. LIVE work samples. It’s probably the first thing you should ask them to send even before a meeting. Even if you like their work, ping them, if not, excuse yourself.

Outsourcing mobile app development services shouldn’t be a problem if you follow a few above-mentioned tips only then you can find the one that works best for you.

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