Sara Jane

Why Employers Are Looking For Other Ways To Motivate Their Staff

In a recent post from the Business 2 Community, now more than ever companies are looking for more creative ways to motivate their employees. While incentives and promotions have been the standard way of keeping an employee engaged, studies have shown that these techniques are no longer as effective as they used to be (especially with millennials).

One of the biggest challenges that companies face is high turnover. The costs involved with hiring a new person and getting them up to speed is so costly that it is more beneficial to the company to find ways to keep their current team in place.

While many companies rely on their management team to keep their employees motivated, it has become evident through inner company surveys that they are not very happy as many get bored quite quickly. However, the company Motivation Ping recently released a new app for their service that sends inspirational messages directly to people's mobile device throughout the day at random times to send people a quick morale boost.

What they have found is that the "randomness" of the message has helped increase the overall productivity of companies using their service. The CEO Sam Jones was quoted as saying that, "When people schedule time or know when a particular piece of information is coming, it does not have the same effect as when information is random. This is why radio stations could play the same music over and over again and people still enjoyed it was because of the randomness."

Other companies have even turned to online coaching to work with their employees on a weekly basis to help lift their spirits and provide emotional and psychological support. Companies have found that by giving their staff the opportunity to speak with someone confidentially that they can get support from has helped improve their productivity because they now know they have someone at the office they can get the type of support they need.

This has worked well for companies who are venturing away from the standard corporate culture mentally and are moving more towards a free flowing type of work environment. Now more than ever millenials are looking to have more freedom and not feel as boxed in as employees were accustomed to in the 80's and 90's. This type of open space work environment where companies provide a chef with meals, open lounge, massages, game area, and now life coaches is helping people feel more at home which inspires them to stay long term rather than getting bored after two years.

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