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So what I decided to do was say what's not liking the way it was feathering at the top. It seems kind of harsh and it couldn't get it to be a more gradual kind of look. And since this is an industrial company I really want to have these nice sharp edges. So I decided to go back I went to my Appearance panel and I deleted the feathering and I went back to my transparency and took off the blending mode made it top 10 content writing companies in India normal so basically brought back the original photo exactly how it was and I just have a box here I get a profit so I need to make a box and crop it right about.

I like how this looks right here that connects nicely and I believe we already made sure the left and the right sides are good and we want to have a little bit more space up top because we make sure we have margins especially if this is going to be a design and a magazine to make sure you have lots of margin around your piece. So that is a fantastic second option totally different from the first one, isn't it? And now what I'm looking at the first one I'm realizing we can make some tweaks to make it top 10 content writing companies in India even better. So I do think it needs a higher contrast bar here.

Session 1

So what if we adapted to make that a different needs a contrasting color. I think what goes really well with Brown and tans is blue so let's go now a little bit of color theory. You'll know that this goes really well together brown and blue let's try to find a blue that's deep enough. See that could work really well as digital marketing services I think once you move away from one layout and you go back to it you start to see little mistakes and ways to improve it. What we could do is since we really like the way this is laid out we can bring it over to top 10 content writing companies in India our other layout and adapt it to just kind of tweaking that to make it a little bit better so we can make this a little bit bigger try to find the right balance maybe do a drop shadow on that some scoop it'll affect stylized and drop shadow.

Session 2

And I want to add a really subtle shadow. So you do preview back that off to maybe percent and let's reduce the spacing so point zero one and reduce the blur as well. There's just enough to make it pop against that light background since this is also light it's always room for improvement and tweaking what you think about that. Yes, that looks great. I like the change to blue so we have option in top 10 content writing companies in India one option two very different we can bring our pattern over here if we wanted to we could put it over top this little bar I think to go back into swatches so a little pattern I'll teach you how to do patterns here shortly have a little pattern here and make it white and save it we'll go over this a little bit here.

Session 3

We go a little pattern and send it backwards into the layering system voila Okay so let's do one final layout let's make this one a little bit more detailed and complicated let's add this copy it to it and see if we can work that in with maybe three different photos and we can work with cropping a little bit more and how to work with a little bit more complex amount of data because right now we only have a couple of lines of top 10 content writing companies in India copy it's very easy to layout but when you start to add more information that needs to be read it starts to get more complicated so I want to do one more layout that incorporates more information that you have to somehow make readable professional and clean.

So for this third and final lap to do a little bit of blocking ahead of time so I brought the kind of some elements over to save a little bit of time and I go toggle my grid so I can do the command in quotation to get my grid and I'm going to start to block this out. So I think the important part is finding out where to work in this pretty large block of copy. We don't need this have an idea let's build it together top 10 content writing companies in India because we already have that I'm going to bring out my paragraph panel and you notice how it has a wonderful left alignment. It looks great but you have this ragged right alignment and you also have these hyphens that are dividing very simple words like the company we don't want those clients never like hyphens. So let's go ahead and highlight all of our text and we're in our paragraph and we're going to click hyphenate. So that's good to make it where they don't have any more hyphens which are fantastic.

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