How to choose a baby crib?

When getting ready to buy a crib for a newborn, it’s a good idea to think about what material it should be made of, whether it has adjustable height, or what size to pick. A good and comfortable crib will provide our baby with a safe and peaceful sleep.

What to pay attention to when choosing a crib for a newborn?

• the material the crib is made of. It may be wood or plywood, but the most important thing is that the materials are certified and safe for children. The material the crib is made of has to be carefully processed so that the baby doesn’t get any splinters and the paint doesn’t come off. The crib cannot have any elements that the baby could swallow.

• the size. The most popular are the cribs sized 120x60, but there are also bigger ones available: 140x70. When choosing a non-standard size of a crib, it is necessary to remember that the mattress also needs to have non-standard dimensions.

• adjustable height enables us to set the crib higher or lower as the baby grows and learns new skills.

• the rails in the crib should be round and not angular, while their spacing should prevent the baby from sticking their head between them. Certain models make it possible to remove the rails so that bigger kids can leave them on their own.

• silicon padding for the crib edges is a good solution for the time when the baby starts teething. The padding protects the crib from damage while letting us be sure that the baby won’t swallow piece of paints or the crib.

• a drawer to store the essentials in allows us to easily reach for all the things our baby needs.

Where can I find the baby cribs reviews?

The first option - you can simply enter the name of the baby crib in google. If you don't know what kind of crib you want to buy or you don't know the name or producer, you can find websites with baby gear reviews, like

You will find there a detailed comparison of the seven best baby cribs and you will definitely choose something for yourself, or rather for your little one.

What should be bought separately for a baby crib?

• mattress of a size that fits the size of the crib. We have foam, latex, buckwheat and coconut mattresses to choose from.

• bed cloth or a mattress cover preventing the mattress from getting wet

• bedding: the bedsheets and whatever the newborn is going to sleep in. For the start, a good choice will be a newborn sleeping bag to wrap the baby in, later we can choose a sleeping bag or bedding for an older child.

• crib padding that protects the baby from sliding a hand or leg between the rails as well as from hitting themselves once they starts getting more active.

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