First Ever Automatic Playlist Channel Strikes On YouTube By Preston Hudman Dec 23-24 2016

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Preston Hudman was the first person to ever trigger the algorithm on his own (using keywords in his description) to automatically channel strike himself on command and he did it 9 times while waiting for them (YouTube) to fix it each time appealing it and then swapping over to another channel to test it again and further investigate. After 7 days the description that had clearly been the cause of the strikes no longer worked anymore and the striking stopped. Each appeal was won within 24 hours. The final appeal simply said ".....fuck U."and was granted as usual. The striking was later then covered up by Darrel eves @derraleves in his"decoding the algorithm video" ..more On that later. This occurred on the 23rd and 24th of December. Even though Preston had not appealed it until the 24th they (YouTube) still knew it had happened the day before because even though Preston did not yet alert anyone there was actually an anonymous question asked on about channel strikes in the playlist. The problem here is that it was happening due to a custom keyword-stuffed description that only Preston was using at the time and he had USED IT TO STRIKE HIMSELF 9 TIMES CAREFULLY TESTING WHAT THE CAUSE WAS. THE CAUSE WAS THE DESCRIPTION AND IT ONLY HAPPENED ON PRESTONS CHANNELS AND NOT WHEN AN ALL-NEW CHANNEL WAS USED. THE DESCRIPTION WAS SAFE ON NEW CHANNELS BUT WOULD CAUSE INSTANT STRIKES ON PRESTONS. This is all proven by the video evidence and the data. It is also proven by Derral eves in his decoding the algorithm, video where he is caught telling false information about the situation and "covering Preston up" as he appears to be doing so on YouTubes behalf. This is an ongoing series that tells the true story of Preston Hudman and Google/YouTube. More to come...

Preston Hudman has been investigating Google for 4 years and is widely considered the worlds leading expert on the subject. Please follow him and visit hi and if you want to buy stuff from him. Preston Hudman is the only person who will be honest with you when it comes to growing on sociaL media. Contact him at 253-797-5093 or [email protected] or follow him on IG @prestonhudman or @tubehomie

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