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Find out how the design of your merchant site can help you increase your sales in 3 steps!

A website has only 10 seconds to convince and interest the visitor.

If the design is essential, the organization of the site plays a capital role in increasing your turnover. In this issue, Cliqued Media web design agency Ireland experts share with you their advice and tips for optimizing the design of your merchant site and increasing your sales. The process can be summed up in three steps: seduce and reassure your visitors, guide them to the product sheet, and reassure them to transform them into buyers.

It's your turn!


1. 75% of Internet users judge the credibility of a company based on the design of its site.

2. The design increases the visibility of the reinsurance elements.

3. 22% of turnover comes from the home page.

4. The slideshow is the commercial animation in the web version.

5. 73% of visitors leave E-Commerce sites after 2 minutes if they haven't found what they're looking for!

6. 27% of e-shoppers start their visit using the search function.

7. The product sheet should reassure!

1) Seduce and reassure your visitors:

The first impression is essential and is based on the design of your home page: 75% of Internet users admit to judging the credibility of a company based on the design of its website.

A good merchant site design is not only something aesthetic and attractive, it is above all a set of elements that will forge a professional image and reassure your visitors to transform them into buyers.

The choice of colors is not random. To be more credible and reassure Internet users, it is advisable not to clash too much and to follow the practices of your competitors. If you find that the leaders in your industry all use light tones, for example, trust their experience rather than trying to stand out with bright, neon colors ...

Your logo must imperatively be readable and memorable. Enriched with a slogan, it will strengthen your positioning and your added value.

Finally, the quality of the images is fundamental on an E-Commerce site. They are a guarantee of professionalism and contextualize the use of products.

So bet on beautiful photos, without forgetting to reduce the weight in order to optimize them for the web and not to slow down your site. Indeed, a recent study indicates that 57% of Internet users believe that a site should load in less than 3 seconds and 88% of Internet users would not return to a site deemed too slow.

The elements of reinsurance essential to trigger orders.

According to research, 65% of people say “only use sites they trust”. To feel confident, visitors need security and it is up to you to reassure them.

This involves highlighting the reassurance elements that must appear from the home page of your site and that it is important to find on all pages.

> The telephone number

Disseminating telephone numbers in a prominent way in the header of one's site is now a golden rule in E-Commerce: 8% of visitors abandon their shopping cart because the contact details are not clearly displayed!

Promoting your contact number also has a direct impact on your turnover: 22% of buyers would prefer to order by phone!

The functionality dedicated to taking orders by phone or email is included in subscription: activate it and increase your conversion rate

> Delivery terms as

You know, reassurance about delivery is crucial to encourage purchasing. Multiplying delivery solutions allows you to satisfy all your customers. Home or office delivery, collection from a store or relay point (58% of Internet users use relay points, delivery in The USA or internationally, classic or fast delivery (24% of people abandon their basket because of excessively long delivery)

If you offer postage, make this information prominent. Indeed, the amount of delivery costs is cited as one of the main obstacles to buying on the internet by 55% of respondents.

> Payment methods

Offering your customers several secure payment methods (PayPal, credit card, transfer, etc.) is fundamental for your store: 59% of Internet users do not validate their cart if they do not have their favorite payment methods.

Your payment methods must therefore be well highlighted by the presence of logos.

To reassure your customers, do not hesitate to offer additional insurance, such as the guarantee, which protects in the event of fraud or commercial litigation.

Finally, do not forget that, in accordance with the law, information about your company must also be easily accessible and detailed (legal notices, general conditions of sale and use) and can be enriched with a presentation page of your company, with the valuation of your know-how, the services you offer to your customers.

2) Guide the visitor to the product sheet

Your visitor is reassured and trusts you? Your mission is now to bring it to the pages that will boost your turnover, the product sheets. To do this, from the reception, guide the Internet user to the products he is likely to buy.

The 3 recipes for a successful home page

Your home page is your showcase and must highlight your strengths and products by respecting these key principles:

> Promote the specific features of your store

The home page should help you differentiate yourself from the competition by presenting what makes you original, do you sell made in the USA, organic, fair trade? It is on the home page that it should be highlighted!

> Present your commercial offers

A slide show on the home page is a real asset for presenting your commercial offers, reduction in shipping costs, promotions on certain flagship products, promotion of new products, etc.

Take advantage of the e-Commerce marketing tools available to you to showcase your best sellers or recently viewed items.

In any case, do not neglect the importance of the call-to-action, if you make an attractive offer, maximize the chances of clicks by planning a big button.

> Capitalize on events

Web design is part of commercial animation! Physical stores change their decoration and appearance during specific events, sales, Christmas periods, Valentine's Day, or even Father's and Mother's Day. Do the same on your E-Commerce store, which must clearly show visitors that you have products suitable for the period.

Using drag & drop page editor, you can customize your home page in minutes. So don't wait any longer to put these tips into practice! You can also use the Cliqued Media web design Ireland agency services for extra ordinary appearance of your store.

Push your products to the visitor thanks to the search functions

73% of visitors who arrive on an E-Commerce site leave it after 2 minutes if they have not found what they are looking for.

The optimization of navigation must therefore allow Internet users to find their way, with the aim of guiding them to the shopping cart and the validation of the order!

> Faceted navigation

Thanks to successive filters, faceted navigation allows the Internet user to find the product that precisely meets the characteristics sought (type, color, size, material for clothing for example) If the visitor easily finds the ideal product, it is more likely to be converted.

> The predictive research tool

27% of e-shoppers start their visit with the search function. When a visitor begins to type a word in the search field of your merchant site, the items in your catalog corresponding to his request are instantly offered to him from the first letter entered. Thanks to predictive search, the Internet user finds the products in a few seconds, which has a direct impact on the conversion rate!

To increase the effectiveness of the suggestions, fill out your listings carefully, paying special attention to titles and short descriptions that are analyzed first by the predictive search engine.

3) Convert with an efficient product sheet!

The quality of navigation has borne fruit and the visitor is in front of your product page. Last step of the journey, and not the least: convincing him to buy!

Once again, the design and organization of your store play a decisive role. Depending on the quality of the cards, the conversion rate can vary from single to double!

The basics: inventory and prices

The price is surely the most important element for the Internet user, it must be displayed in bulk. He will be crossed out in the event of a promotion to promote a good deal and remove any ambiguity. In order to avoid disappointment, the stock status must be clearly visible. The use of a color code (green in case of availability and red in case of unavailability) makes this information visible at a glance.


As we told you above, access to your contacts and to delivery and payment solutions information must appear clearly on all your pages, and therefore on your product sheets.

Bet on valuing verified customer reviews by adding Shopping-Satisfaction, 90% of Internet users use them to prepare for their purchase!

The purchase funnel for sites created respects the best practices of leading sites such as Amazon, in order to reassure your visitors (quick identification, entry of discount coupons, several secure payment methods and options Delivery).

As an option, the dynamic shopping cart combined with a personalized design is an image gain that has significant repercussions on turnover.

The CTA (call-to-action) button

Of course, the call-to-action is the most emblematic graphic element of E-Commerce. Here, no miracle recipe, but a principle to respect concerning the color of the button: it does not really matter in itself, but it must contrast with the rest of the page to attract attention. These buttons are a key element in guiding your visitors to the shopping cart.

During your email, do not hesitate to carry out tests with different messages and colors... You might be surprised! For example, the design site tested different combinations of messages and designs on their site's primary call-to-action button to determine which one would generate the most purchases. Result: 49% increase in the number of additions to the cart!

You have all the keys in hand on how to increase sales to boost your online store and your sales: it's up to you!

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