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Outsourcing eBook Conversion Services to Professional Companies

Ebook conversion refers to the process of transforming a book into an electronic format that can be read on digital devices like smartphones, laptops, Kindle, etc.

The comfort and convenience of getting access to thousands of ebooks by the single click of a button have revolutionized the way people read and share content. Ebooks have gained immense popularity among masses as it is more convenient to manage and travel with, the cost is significantly lesser and it does not take up space in closets as physical books do. Outsourcing ebook conversion services has gained high acclaim among businesses and publishing houses based in the US. Outsourcing offers cost-effective solutions and helps to reach out to more readers. The readers can be intended or target consumers, business partners, investors, etc. who might gain useful insights about a company’s products or services. Now we shall discuss some popular ebook formats in use and the few biggest reasons behind the rising popularity of ebooks.

Some Popular Ebook Formats

EPUB (.epub) - An EPUB abbreviation for electronic publication, is the most widely supported format and can be easily accessed on a variety of devices, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, and most eReaders in the market. This file format show great adjustment to screen layouts, meaning that screen size doesn’t affect the formatting—EPUB files can easily display content on screens as small as 3.5″

AZW (.azw) - AZW file format was initially developed by Amazon specifically for its Kindle e-Readers. These files can store complex and advanced content like bookmarks, annotations, highlights, hyperlinks, etc. The only drawback is that AZW files are limited to Kindles or devices which can install Kindle apps.

PDF (.pdf) - PDF, also known as a portable document format, is perhaps the most popular data format across the globe. When it comes to e-books, pdf is considered a format with which most readers are already familiar with. Created by Adobe, PDFs are known for their ease of use and ability to hold custom layouts. Most users already have pdf readers installed on their smartphones and can, therefore, easily access pdf e-books.

Why E-books Have Gained Popularity Among Readers?

Ebooks Save Space

Not every millennial is fortunate enough to store a massive number of hefty books in big libraries. Hardcopy books are known to take up enormous storing space and can get easily damaged due to weather conditions. Heavy reading leads to tearing of pages over the course of time. All these challenges and drawbacks can be avoided using ebooks. They take up no virtual space and can be easily stored on digital devices. A user can, therefore, store thousands of books on a single device and access them when required.

Ebooks Save Money -

Paperback books are expensive as compared to ebooks. Ebooks can be availed at immensely affordable prices as they do not involve manufacturing or shipping costs. The average price of an ebook comes out to be less than $5 as compared to paperbacks which are usually priced above $10. Due to this reason most publications look to outsource ebook conversion services in USA to offer their customers the ease and comfort of reading.

Ebooks are Portable -

Another reason why ebooks have gained popularity is due to the high level of convenience they bring to the table. They have attracted user attention as they are extremely portable and can be easily carried from one place to another, stored in devices like smartphones. Unlike paperbacks which are difficult to carry around and need to be accompanied with a bag.

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