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9 Thoughts Everyone Has During a Bikini Wax

As skirts, shorts, and swimsuits are in a huge trend in the recent era, waxing your body becomes an essentiality. However, when it comes to the bikini wax, the stress regarding the painful procedure often occupies our mind. But, it is worth noting that bikini waxing not only aids hair to grow comparatively thinner over time but also diminishes its growth (if you prefer it on a regular basis with an appropriate waxing kit and take necessary after wax care). Here we’ve come up with some common thoughts that strike your mind while opting for the bikini wax. Read on:

1. Is this going to hurt?

Indeed a tear-inducing pain is associated with bikini waxing and is perhaps one of the major aspects that discourage women from having waxing session, but honestly speaking, pain is an inescapable segment of biking waxing that can’t be skipped. As per the recent studies, thousands of women consider bikini waxing to be the most sensitive and painful procedure especially for the ladies that are having it for the very first time or those who have thick and dense hairs.

Though you can’t completely skip pain, there are some remedies that can aid you to minimize it to some extent. For instance, you may opt for painkillers and topical cream before undergoing bikini wax.

2. Will it be over soon?

Unlike the rapid process of your facial wax, bikini wax may last for a longer period. The woman has to experience the session for no less than 15-20 minutes. The duration increases for the woman dealing with ingrown hairs. In spite of worrying about pain, consider that your aesthetician is well-aware of your trouble and so she would try to complete the session as soon as she could do.

3. Why didn’t I get a laser?

Perhaps, you’ll encounter a point when you’ll wonder if the laser treatment was a better alternative. However, make sure that you’ll have to bear the same or even worse pain undergoing laser treatment. Furthermore, there isn’t any assurance of whether the treatment will work the way you would have thought it to be.

4. Was the price too good to be true?

Whilst facial wax are comparatively cheaper than the bikini wax, the later can cost you somewhere between $50 to $80 (depending on the aesthetician you've chosen and the nature of your waxing kit). You may also notice some cheap deals available in the market, but beware as a little infection can draw a huge hole in your pocket. So opt for a high-quality waxing kit and a reputable aesthetician.

5. When will my hair grow back?

One of the vital benefits of having wax over shaving or any other treatment is the diminished hair growth. Of course, everyone desires to go hairless for a long period and so using the bikini waxing kit is the only remedy that can minimize your hair growth (only if you opt for the procedure periodically)

6. Should I have shaved instead?

Usually, people often consider shaving to be comparatively a better alternative to using a waxing kit as the former won’t let you go through the horrible pain. However, the case isn’t true in today’s time as a waxing kit has undeniably taken it to a whole new level. Furthermore, shaving makes your skin hard and can lead to unwanted cuts and injury.

7. How long should the hair be?

Women are extremely worried about their hairy skin. In the fear of terrible pain, most of the women shave hairs of their intimate part just 2-3 days before having wax. As per the famous studies, too short hairs don't produce a good outcome and isn't a great way to start with.

8. What should I do when it’s over?

Do you know the after wax care schedule of bikini waxing? You should aim to take proper care of your skin. For instance, hydrating and exfoliating the intimate area would aid you to minimize the buildup of your ingrown hairs and remove the dead skin cells

9. That wasn’t a bad experience

And definitely you’ll get calm and relaxed once your bikini wax session gets over, isn’t it? After going through the painful procedure, you'll encounter a feeling of winning a tough battle (and that feeling is incredible, believe me!).

Bikini wax will undeniably cause you pain but if you really desire to get rid of those ingrown thick and dense hairs, nothing is better than taking an appoint with a reputable and highly-trained aesthetician and getting your intimate part waxed regularly. What’s more? Make sure to use an appropriate waxing kit and take certain after wax care measures to avoid unpredictable rashes, skin irritation, or burning sensation. All the best!

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