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Shopping online is fun, time and money consuming and there are lots of online sites available for shopping. So why not shopping online? Of course! But the matter of fact is that sometimes it is foolish to shop online because we don’t buy the product at its cheapest price while it is available under any pseudo or hidden conditions that we regularly don’t observe. There lie some basic agendas that you should always follow so that all the money of your wallet doesn’t flow away like water. I am here mentioning some of tips that will help you if you are a regular online shopper.

My tricks to save more money during online shopping ⦁ The perfect timing Online shopping should be done by watching the right time if there is no urgent need. Perfect timing implies that every commercial site offers some discount on some selected products and you should buy your desired one if it is included in those products. The biggest discount comes before holidays, Bengali grand puja’s etc. As a result you have the product with the maximum discount and thus your money is saved. ⦁ Using coupon and promo codes Almost every shopping site offers some coupons or some promo code before the check out. Say let a site is offering 25% for 1 unique promo code, so use that before buying by tapping on that code. So you will get a 25% price cut. Sometimes coupons also give you the same facility. ⦁ Comparison of the prices Don’t buy a product just viewing it at a single site. What I mean to say is that before buying check the price of a product at different sites at the same time, which site is offering the less. For example, say let you buying Samsung J7 model. So don’t buy directly just seeing it in flipkart, watch it on Snapdeal, Amazon, Shopclues. Compare the least price of that commodity if it is available amongst them and then buy. There are some direct bigger comparison shopping engines like Nextag, Pricegabber, ShopZila. That’s more time consuming. You can also perform the comparison in offline and online market. ⦁ Buy products using cards Have you noticed one thing that whatever product you buy no e-commerce site offer provides any discount on COD, in reverse they charge extra delivery charge. So it’s a poor strategy to buy under COD. Shopping using Debit cards, Credit cards provide some extra discount under some specific bank’s cards. If your card matches with that then definitely go with that else what will you do man! Go with COD. ⦁ Move with Dynamic strategy Here lies a special formula. E-commerce sites sometime decides price of a commodity on the basis your previous purchases and other factors like travel fair, discounts are also included in that. So clear your browser history, logout from your mails, facebook, G and move into incognito mode then buy. In this case, it is clever to choose local versions of websites rather than US’s one. ⦁ Register for newsletters You should register yourself through an email for the purpose of retails newsletters. Search under that account which products you want to buy with a merchant. They will send you some discounts so that you sign up with them. ⦁ Stick to Price drop refunds If you had bought a product yesterday and see the very next day that it was on sale, then ask the company to refund the price that is differing. Some sites really respond to it sincerely like Amazon within 7 working days. can help to check the price drops at Amazon. ⦁ Take a chat with customer service Just missed a special big offer? Don’t hesitate! There’s another chance for you by talking with customer care service if they can extend that offer for you. It often becomes beneficiary as they sometime do that for some customers on big buys. So you should try it. ⦁ Built a huge collection in your cart Well this not a bad strategy to have! Leave as much your choice able products in your cart and be move away for some days. Maximum retailers don’t like their products remain unsold in customer carts and they try to hold their customers. For this you should have an account in the merchant’s site and you should be logged in before leaving. So you may have a special discount. Conclusion So what we got that we have to follow some techniques for our own maximum profit. Following these 9 procedures will certainly help an online lover to be a thrifty person. These things are not complex, very simple to use and follow. So if you didn’t followed this steps till yet, no problem from now on revitalize yourself with these phenomenon and enjoy online shopping more and more.

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