5 Tips to Buy a Scooter

The scooter is a very practical machine for lovers of two-wheeler's. But to be successful in buying the best scooter, you have to consider several criteria. Here are some tips to help you buy a scooter with excellent features.

Clearly define your needs

The first criterion for choosing a scooter is to clearly identify the use that one intends to make of it. The choice of the scooter therefore depends specifically on your needs in this area.

In this case, it is a question of whether you need it as a main means of transportation that will serve you every day to make you work; or else, a complementary two-wheeled vehicle only for sunny weekends or just to go shopping.

Thus, a scooter 125 will be better suited if you have to travel about 60 km daily in urban areas and only in case it is a means of main travel. So be realistic in your expectations when choosing your scooter.

Watch out for the power of the scooter engine

The power of a scooter is an important element to consider when buying. Indeed, there are models of 50 and 125 cm 3 . Indeed, the scooter equipped with a 50 cm 3 engine is very limited in terms of power.

This fits very well with a novice driving two wheels. Also, this type of scooter is suitable for city traffic, because its speed is limited to 45 km / h by law. As for scooters with a 125 cm 3 engine , they are the longest and heaviest. As a result, the power and speed of this type of scooter are higher.

Moreover, its speed has no limit in accordance with the law. Therefore, when you have some experience in driving motorcycle with two wheels, prefer the scooter 125 cm 3 , which will be more convenient. However, it is only for drivers over the age of 18 and costs more.

Prefer a scooter with ABS brake

It is important to opt for a scooter with ABS brakes. Generally, the 125 cm 3 scooter model is equipped with a disc brake at the front as well as at the rear. As for the power 50 cm 3 , they also have a brake on the front. But in the back is just a drum brake. In any case, prefer a scooter model with ABS brakes .

Set your budget

The purchase of a scooter also depends on the budget available to the future driver. Thus, it is important to define your budget in advance in order to stick to it during the purchase. Indeed, the amount of purchase of a scooter is not limited to the price of the machine. It also includes accessories, fuel, regular maintenance and insurance. So do a preliminary study of the amount you will be able to invest in order to avoid any surprises.

Check wheels and floor

Scooters with big wheels are much more stable. While those with small wheels are the most practical. As for the scooter floor, prefer a flat floor that is very convenient for carrying objects between the feet.

The choice of a scooter depends on several criteria. These five important points should help you choose well.

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