Soundproofing Company Korea

We tell you about the most advanced technologies in the soundproofing sector. Our Daeneung Tech will provide you with useful information for acoustic conditioning, soundproofing, and noise insulation of all types of spaces, complying with the necessary homologation standards to accurately assess and address any sound problem.

The information that you can find in, we will offer you tips and tricks to be able to carry out acoustic insulation and noise control actions at home or office, information on how companies work at a professional level, acoustic materials used, acoustic legislation on noise, instruments to measure noise.

We have a variety of products, such as pure calcium silicate boards (made in Japan), which are non-combustible interior boards in various colors that are substitutes for marble and tiles, walls, ceiling materials, and soundproofing materials. FG Board is also a highly effective interior material in situations that require sound insulation.

Daeneung Tech uses the best materials, techniques, and advanced technology to isolate or attenuate the sound level of a certain space most efficiently and economically.

FG보드 can be constructed on a curved surface, is soft, and has strong elasticity, so it shows its true value on ceilings, columns, walls, etc. It is as lightweight and tough as a concrete composite board. It has superior flexural strength and impact resistance compared to gypsum boards for interior use.

The vibration produced by a body or object is transmitted to the air that surrounds it, moving through the distance until it reaches the ear, where there is an internal membrane, which is responsible for converting said vibration into nerve impulses.

The brain is in charge of interpreting this information until it becomes a sensation. It is this sensation that we call sound. For the waves produced by vibrations to be transmitted, a physical medium is necessary, which can be in a gaseous, liquid, or solid-state.

This means that sound cannot propagate in a vacuum. Physics has a branch in charge of studying the origin, reproduction, transmission, and perception of sound, its name is acoustics.

Based on the knowledge that this science has provided us, multiple resources and technologies have been created to prevent or reduce sound vibrations that penetrate any given space. This is what is known as sound insulation.

Noise refers to the set of loud, irregular, intense, uncomfortable, discordant, and unwanted sounds. There are ways to control noise and it is through acoustic insulation.

The acoustic isolation allows to dissipate the noise coming from the outside and that thus, it is hardly perceived or even to stop doing it. In the same way, it is also useful so that the noise or sounds generated inside, do not come out with the same intensity to the outside or dissipate completely.

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