Web Novel Contest

Anyone can become a web novel writer from the moment they start writing web novels. Even if you started it as a hobby, when you write it, you think, 'Do I want to make money with a novel?' It tends to be thought that anyone can make money with a 웹소설 공모전. To do that, you must first become a professional writer.

The web novel category for this contest consists of a total of five genres: romance, romance fantasy, fantasy, modern fantasy, and martial arts, and anyone in Korea can challenge.

Excluding portals, 문피아, the largest web novel serialization site in Korea. Menovel will occupy a quarter of the web novel market this year. In particular, it is also worth noting that it is text-based content.

Just by looking at the size of the web novel contest, you can see how attractive this market is.

If you win a contest, you can receive huge prize money, and you can even officially publish it. You will be allowed to publish a paper book, make a webtoon, or even advance overseas.

I made my debut through a contest, but even now, when an announcement for a contest is published, my heart is burning.

The problem is that the competition is huge. New writers dreaming of debut as well as established writers can apply. Co-authoring is no problem. So, how many works will pour out?

Rumors that web novels will make money have spread throughout Korea. People who write pure literature like me also come here. Even a screenwriter for a drama or a movie doesn't seem boring.

People who write a little, aim for a contest rather than a free serialization. To win the contest, you have to have skills and luck.

Usually, competitions are held on the platform. There is a publisher contest and a platform-publisher collaboration contest.

Although there are differences by genre, a manuscript of around 100,000 characters is usually requested.

In particular, the web novel sector applies the 'open serialization' method, which serializes works directly on the Naver web novel site and receives the reader's choice. The objectivity of the judging was enhanced by selecting the final winners by reflecting the readers' preferences and voting results in the main judging.

It is 'to create a world where the right content is treated properly'. To that end, we are trying to create an ecosystem that can create proper content. In addition, we will focus on creating a new paradigm rather than going the same as others.

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