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40 Things Doctors Do to Live Longer

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If you know any doctors—we mean, know them well—you know the deep, dark secret hiding under their lab coats: They’re human. When they get stressed, they overeat; when they want to party, they’ll have some drinks; when they worry about their practice, they’ll stay up too late.

“Doctors are not really known to take care of themselves as much as they should!” admits , a plastic surgeon from Texas. “We suffer more depression, burnout, long hours, heart attacks, strokes and general breakdown. But, there are some perks!”

One perk is that they know how to be healthy—better than anyone—whether they live that way or not. Which is why, when The Remedy wondered how you could live longer, we asked the experts what they do. Because if there’s one thing us humans have in common, it’s the will to live forever.


They Just Gotta Dance!


“Ballroom dancing has been a passion of mine since college at Harvard and MIT, when I was members of ballroom dancing clubs,” says , MD, PhD, an ophthalmologist in Nashville. “I still practice it today weekly and participate in local and regional championships. I find it to be a great way to relax, relieve stress, as well as stay active.” He also believes it’s helped him become a better doctor. “Through learning ballroom dancing, which requires connection and communications between two people as they move together synchronously, I have learned to feel what a patient feels, to listen to my patients, to communicate with them better, and the be more sensitive and aware of their suffering and needs.”


They Own Doggies

“Pet ownership is a 24/7 form of pet therapy and is a personal stress reducer for me,” says Carmen Echols, MD. “Shortly after my husband and I married, we got a dog—that we still own, by the way. After especially challenging days at work, I sit on the couch and watch TV while petting the dog and find that simple activity so relaxing.”

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