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Au Naturel: Top 7 Benefits Of Using Organic Cleaning Products

Most of us take special care of what we eat, drink and wear, but are usually oblivious of the products we use for cleaning. Commonly used cleaning products leave behind residue that comes in direct contact with our skin, pets, clothes, and even the food we eat. Wondering how to keep yourself and your family safe from the harmful chemicals present in ‘over the counter’ household cleaners? Organic cleaning products are the best bet. Here are the top 5 reasons why:

Keep your skin and circulatory system away from harm

Be it detergents, dish soap or household cleaners, most cleaning products penetrate your skin and ultimately your circulatory system. Absorbing harmful chemicals regularly leaves your body at risk for developing several serious health problems. While you can use gloves to reduce this exposure, organic products make a better alternative. Such cleaners comprise of eco-friendly ingredients that are gentle on your skin. They have the same cleaning power to cut dirt and grease, without the components that might cause your body some serious harm.

Goodbye allergies

Most organic cleaners are hypo-allergenic, and hence are safe for use by people with allergies. Free from artificial dyes and fragrances, these cleaning products reduce the risk of skin irritation and allergies, without compromising on cleanliness and hygiene. A win-win situation, isn’t it?

Make the planet greener

As more and more people choose organic cleaning products for their households, the lesser air and water pollution cleaning leads to. It directly means better water and air quality, reduced rate of ozone layer depletion, and stable global climate. It also means a reduced number of healthcare issues across the globe, including lesser risk for developing cancer. Since most organic product companies focus on recycling as well, you will also be contributing towards a reduction in land pollution, limited water and other raw material usages, and lesser overall negative impact upon the environment.

Light on your pocket

Organic cleaners are often perceived to be expensive stuff. What most people fail to notice is the fact that you can use less of the product to get better results than what conventional, chemical cleaners offer you. Since the product is used in lesser quantity, a single box lasts longer than its conventional counterpart and thus leads to reduced expense on cleaning products. Also, organic cleaners have now become more affordable than ever owing to the increasing competition sprouting from the emergence of new manufacturers.

Ingredients that you know

The list of ingredients on ‘over the counter’ household cleaners that usually contains a bunch of confusing names might have left you baffled. Well, such is not the case with organic products. You will always recognise the names of the ingredients present on the package. It does not just build up your trust on the products; it also lets you know that the guilt-free choices you are making are not impacting your health or that of the planet.

Make a conscious choice for better health and a better planet – make the big switch to organic cleaners today!

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