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Transforming Your Website into a Marketing Powerhouse This Modern Mobile Age

The digital mediums have completely changed the way users and brands used to communicate. Do not let your brand be a part of this massive disconnect! Well, if you do not have a remarkable online presence, accept it or not, will badly affect your end-term goals. The poorly designed website, neglecting search engine guidelines and missing the opportunities over social media platforms will not deliver the desired results as you expected earlier.

According to the recent marketing studies:

1. More than 75% of consumers look for brand value over the web before deciding whether to make a purchase or not. Not surprisingly, they do look for users’ reviews, feedback, and your customer service.

2. 90% of web users go to the website first before asking for a quote or calling your sales executive.

3. Mobile experience tends to be a leading conversion factor these days. 48% of B2B customers bounce back from the website which doesn’t look amenable in their mobile devices.

To get the maximize benefits from your organization’s website investment and convert it into a real-time powerhouse helping you expand your customer reach, meet organizational goals and boost your sales efforts, follow these 7 points as described below:

A Well-Aligned Website Approach to Meet Your Goals:

No one works for you 24*7. Not you too, but your website does. Local customers, global customers and people looking to be partnering up with your kind of firm, can see you online anytime and from anywhere.

Make a game plan for your website and start with the following points:

a) What are your marketing goals from the website? (Are you looking for leads? Do you want to build the email list? Do you want to educate people?)

These points will clear the architecture of the website and your designer can plan the things accordingly - What to show in above-the-fold design? What to have on your lead pages and the CTAs design?

b) Prepare Compelling Web Copies- Your Index Page, About Us, Team Page, Contact and Testimonial Pages are most important. According to the many studies and findings, these pages are the most viewed pages on any website. Start embracing it to build your trust online.

c) Hire a Professional Web Designer or Use DIY Tool: If the high hourly cost of your local web designer is a resistance for you, hiring web designers on Upwork or Freelancer is an intelligent move. On the other side, there’re many tools available on the web which let you design interactive websites with easy functionality. The free website builder application SITE123 is a nice one I used multiple times.

Source: SITE123

d) Responsiveness

If you’ve hired a web designer, ask him to add responsiveness feature to your website. This way, your website will get fit across all resolutions and devices. Your potential users are searching for products and services on Google, Bing or other search engines primarily using mobile devices. Having a responsive site will not only increases the chances of being ranked higher but also make sure that your information displays correctly on mobiles and tablets.

e) Query form

Most of the websites have Contact Page to capture visitors’ queries. That is not the best practice though. Visitors should be able to ask for your quotation from every sales page. This is based on how you decide to put your CTA buttons up on the website.

Several eCommerce managers ask me to analyze their order forms. Most of the times, I feel annoyed by their lengthy order forms. Users are very keen about every personal information they need to fill on other websites. Keep your query forms as short as possible.

Name, Email ID, phone number and their message are the ideal combinations of creating a query form. To avoid spam coming in your inbox, using captcha functionality is an intelligent move to block spambots.

f) Traffic monitoring-

Google Analytics is a free service to track visitors and other metrics. Analyzing top keywords, top referrals, average time duration, most viewed pages, and bounce rate will help you deciding your ideal platforms for advertising and pumping up your conversion.

Optionally, you can utilize A/B testing under Content Experiment section of Google Analytics property dashboard to make your web copies stronger. To turn your copies into conversion machine!

g) SEO Process -

Move to Google Adwords Keyword Planner, and SEM Rush to get search volumes of best profitable keywords for your business. Once you get the keyword difficulty metrics, search volume in a specific geographical area, and competition level, you can apply profitable search terms for SEO optimization. Title Tag, Description Tag, Headings, web copies, and internal linking – start optimizing these in an ethical way using Google webmaster guidelines.

It is the right time to start taking your website seriously for the growth hacking and rigorously transform it to effectively acquire the new consumers. The game is changing dramatically and you definitely need emerging strategies to adapt the marketing changes.

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