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10 Modern Style Interior Design Tips for Your Home

In March, we found out that 90% of people surveyed plan to remodel their house at some point.

With most people designing their own spaces instead of using a professional, it pays to have some design tips to help you out.

Modern home interiors can transform your home into a showstopper if you know the golden rules.

We're here to help you navigate the fine line between design heaven and hell with our 10 top tips and tricks for modern design.

10 Modern Style Interior Design Ideas for Your Home

Modern home interiors bring timeless sophistication to your home and it doesn't need to be expensive.

Our top 10 interior design tricks for modern home interiors will help you transform your home into a modern masterpiece.

1. Stick to a Simple Color Palette

Let's start with the basics. When deciding on your color palette you want to stick to neutral, soothing tones for the walls and decor.

Bold colors should be used as accents, to enhance the overall cleanliness of the design and you should have a maximum of 3 colors in mind. Accent pieces could be artwork, rugs or furniture pieces that create a feature for your room.

2. Focus on Lines

Modern interiors draw on the modern architecture of strong and clean lines. Both horizontal and vertical lines are sued to create a bold statement and furniture and decor should complement this.

Your eye should be drawn to a focal point when you walk into a space. Make sure you streamline your furniture and work with the angles and lines of your home, not against.

3. Infuse Fun and Personality

Just because the major elements of design are neutral and clean, don't associate that with blandness. Your home should showcase your unique personality.

Incorporate primary colors, interesting light fixtures or decor that reflects your lifestyle to add your personality to your home. Avoid anything fussy or ornate, instead, opt for bold shapes and colors.

4. Layer Textures

Especially when focusing on less color, layers of texture are what provide depth to interiors. Mix shiny decor with matte furniture, or a glass feature with a woven rug. By mixing textiles and layers you can create an expensive look for a reasonable price.

Patterns are also included in this mix-and-match tip. They are a great way to create variety when using neutrals.

5. Embrace Industrial Elements

Modern interior design wouldn't be what it is without the industrial era of architecture and construction. An ever stylish trick when aiming for a modern interior is to utilize steel, cement, brick, and concrete to add that industrial element to your home.

Exposed brick as a feature has seen a surge in popularity and concrete floors are both low-maintenance and neutral.

Incorporating these materials is another great way to add layers to your design without using color.

6. Choose Artwork Wisely

As we mentioned earlier, neutral walls don't mean boring walls.

Choose modernist art to add a high-end touch and a splash of color to your room. Modern art once again plays on bold, simple colors and shapes which you want to aim for with contemporary design.

Bear in mind those lines we talked about and work with the rest of your room to create a feature piece that makes sense. Where is your eye drawn to in the room? That's where you want your artwork.

7. Install Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is bold and makes a clear design statement. You have plenty of design options between different finishes and woods to the option of something dramatic in the design.

As well as being stylish and sleek, it also adds value to your home and 87% of homebuyers want hardwood floors. You can use area rugs to create definitive spaces and to soften the hardwood.

As mentioned earlier, rugs can also be a color feature and add another layer of texture, so you're able to elevate the design of the room with one piece.

8. Open Plan Living

Open plan living is one of the commandments of modern interiors. It maximizes the natural light and gives the suggestion of more space when you make good design choices.

Leverage natural light by keeping the walls pale and using large mirrors to reflect light and give the impression of more space, even if your home is on the small side. Mirrors are your friend when it comes to creating more space.

9. Introduce Plants

Another favorite tip of ours to create color and freshness to a modern space is to add plants. Bringing the outdoors into the house allows for a calming and natural vibe. Play with colors and size variants to find the complementary plant for each setting.

Plants are an inexpensive way to decorate a room whilst cleaning the air and absorbing pollutants. Just the excuse you needed to go green. Just make sure you check the light and maintenance requirements for each plant to ensure it matches the space you intend to put it.

10. Ditch the Clutter

Last but not least, it's time to declutter. Modern design pairs form with function and you don't want to distract from your newly styled design elements with clutter.

Find clever, attractive ways to store clutter away from the line of sight. After all, modern interior design is all about functionality.

Let Design Function

Modern style interior design is beautiful and elegant but above all practical. Take each of our design tips on board but make sure they complement the way you live.

After all, you're designing your home as a place to feel comfortable and nurturing.

Building your own home? Learn more about how a new Built to Design approach allows you to design a new home, exactly to your taste.

Or, why not take inspiration from our gallery of modern interiors?

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