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5 Brilliant Tips on How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

Almost everyone wants to lose at least a little weight, but exercise is tough. Not only are we all tired at the end of our days, but with our jobs, families, social lives, and responsibilities, there's really never any time. Is it possible to learn how to lose weight fast without exercise?

Of course it is.

Weight loss is truly a matter of simple math. To lose pounds, we need to consume fewer calories than we burn. Even without exercise, the average person burns between 1,000 and 2,000 calories per day just sitting and walking around the house, and most of us do at least a little more than that.

If we watch what we eat and take care of ourselves, it's entirely possible to shed pounds without exercising at all. This is great news both for people who want to learn how to lose weight fast without exercise because they don't have the time or energy for it, and also for people who can't exercise due to injury or other physical limitations.

The following tips will help you lose weight fast without exercise. Each of them is a smart suggestion on its own, but when they are used altogether, you may be surprised at how quickly you see that number on your scale drop.

How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

Drink Lots of Water

It's always good to keep your body hydrated, but did you know that drinking lots of water can help you to lose weight, too? In one study, participants who drank a glass water before eating breakfast ate 13% fewer calories during that meal. Another study showed that middle-aged overweight and obese people who drank water before their meals on a consistent basis lost 44% more weight than a control group that didn't.

Get Plenty of Sleep

People tend to overeat or mindlessly snack when they are tired. To combat this habit, make sure you get at least seven to nine hours of sleep each night. A study by researchers at the University of Chicago found that on average, people who got less than seven hours of sleep one night ate 500 extra calories the next day.

Mind Your Portion Sizes

You probably don't need to eat as much as you do, but so many of us have a clean-your-plate mentality that we stick to no matter what. There are numerous tricks to remedy this, such as eating on smaller plates or only eating with chopsticks to make dining more time consuming.

Another great option is to replace two of your daily meals with meal replacement shakes. When you compare the differences between meal replacement shake-based diets and other popular diets out there, the ease is clear, and so is the calorie savings.

Keep Macronutrients in Mind

The three main macronutrients our bodies need are fat, carbohydrates and protein. Some lists also include dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins and water as well. A good balance of these in our bodies and in the foods we eat is vital. Learn about what percentages of each are best for you and for weight loss, and you may find that you lose weight fast without exercise without even eating less, but rather by eating the right mix of what your body needs.

Eat Mindfully

Pay attention to what you put in your body, not just when you are planning and cooking your meals but when you are eating them too. Eating mindfully means you savor and consider every bite. Pay attention to your body and stop eating when you are full. Stop watching TV or scrolling through social media during meals, and you will be surprised at how much less you eat without thinking.

It is possible.

You can learn how to lose weight fast without exercise if you put your mind to it and focus on what you are eating and on taking care of yourself. If you're interested in more tips for staying fit and eating right, with or without exercise, please visit Blog Lovin's food and drink or fitness categories.

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