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5 Essential Things to Know About Drug Rehab

Substance abuse is on the rise, with an estimated 24 million Americans reporting that they had used an illicit drug within the past month.

If you are one of the millions who has been affected by substance abuse, the good news is that there are a wide variety of drug treatment programs available to help you find freedom from substance abuse.

Going to rehab for drugs is a great solution, but it won't necessarily be a picnic in the park. If you're thinking about going to rehab, here are 5 things to know about drug rehab.

1. Drug Rehab Teaches You Many Different Skills

One of the biggest benefits of going to rehab is that while you are there, you will learn a wide variety of skills to help you deal with a substance abuse problem. These skills will make you feel more confident about going out in the world and remaining drug-free once you leave your rehabilitation center.

Some of the skills you will learn during drug rehab include:

• How to identify the situations that trigger your cravings/desires for certain substances

• How to respond to those triggers when they arise

• How to reach out for help when you need it (such as to a counselor or to a trusted friend)

• How to relax and soothe your anxiety without drugs, using techniques like meditation or exercise

Some rehab programs also include various life skills classes which can help you find a job after rehab.

2. There Are Different Types of Therapy Available During Rehab

Another one of the great advantages of going to rehab is the ability to receive specialized, professional therapy that can help you overcome substance abuse problems.

Although one-on-one sessions with a therapist are absolutely crucial on your way to recovery, individualized sessions are usually not the only type of therapy that is available during rehab.

Although it may seem embarrassing at first to talk about your addiction problems with other people, group therapy can actually be extremely helpful. Listening to others share their stories helps to remove some of the stigma from substance abuse. The group also gives you a network of support that you can turn to for help when needed.

Sometimes, family therapy may be appropriate for your situation. The counselor will guide you and your family members through the recovery process as you find your way out of drug addiction.

3. Drug Rehab Programs Can Be Inpatient or Outpatient Programs

Inpatient programs are also known as residential programs, where you stay on the site of the rehab program for a certain period of time. They usually range in length from 1-3 months, depending on the program.

Residential rehab programs usually have a set, organized structure to each day in the program. This structure is designed to help you and offer you the ideal environment as you recover from substance abuse. You can learn more about a typical day in rehab by The Center for Life Change.

During outpatient programs, on the other hand, you will live at home while receiving treatment. Usually, you will attend a center for a few hours a day to receive your treatment. Obviously, outpatient care offers fewer benefits, but it is also usually less expensive, and can be a good choice for people who can't leave work or make the big time commitment required by inpatient rehab.

4. There Are Often Certain Rules in Place in Rehab Centers

Unsurprisingly, rehab centers usually have strict drug-free rules. This includes no paraphernalia or any type of substance on the grounds. Cell phone and technology use is also often limited or prohibited during your time in rehab. Rules will vary depending on the program.

Rather than feeling restricted by rules, consider that they are in place for your benefit. Use this time to take advantage of the drug treatment that is being offered to you, and don't worry about things like texting or tweeting.

5. Treatment Doesn't Stop When You Leave

Substance abuse is a serious problem, and no rehab program can magically fix that problem in a month, no matter how amazing the program is.

Fortunately, most rehabs will equip you with the strategies and contacts that you need to continue your aftercare process once you leave the rehab facility.

Things to Know About Rehab: What's Next?

For many people, drug rehab is their best choice to begin recovery from substance abuse. However, one of the most important things to know about drug rehab is that it is only one piece of the puzzle in recovery from substance abuse.

You should know that wherever you are in your journey, help is always available. If you need help with substance abuse, reach out to someone today.

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