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5 Things Missing From Your Blog That it Desperately Needs

It’s not just people who are new to blogging that have important elements missing from their blog. Even some advanced bloggers have forgotten about important factors their blog should have, but is currently missing. If your goal is to increase your number of loyal readers, get readers to share your content, and get more traffic to your blog – there are certain things your blog shouldn’t be missing.

It’s important to keep your traffic and engagement high, because this will lead to a more profitable blog that you can more easily monetize. Below, we’ve put together a list of common things bloggers forget to pay attention to, and we’ve explained why these things are important:

1. Include A Call-To-Action At The Bottom of Every Post

Many bloggers forget to put a call-to-action at the bottom of every post. You don’t always have to write the same call-to-action. In fact, it’s best to have a bunch of different CTAs that you rotate through. You might want to convince the reader to read another similar post on your blog, or buy your book which contains similar information. Or, you may simply want to convince the reader to share the post if they liked it, which would help your blog by getting it more views. Examples of a great call-to-action for the bottom of a blog post include the following:

• “If this post resonated with you, check out our similar post on ____________ “

• “If you need help figuring out what to do next, click here to buy my book on ________“

• “Do you have any other tips for de-bloating? Tell us in the comments below!”

• “Loved this post? Share it on Facebook to impart the wisdom on your friends!”

• “Want more great advice like this? Subscribe to our newsletter!”

A great call-to-action like one of the examples above will increase your blog’s traffic, increase engagement, and help you get to know your audience. It’s a no-brainer.

2. Speed Up Your Website’s Load Time

Our generation is extremely impatient, so you better believe a visitor might leave your website (and perhaps never return) if your blog is too slow to load. Every second of time counts when it comes to your website’s speed. Google favors websites with faster speeds, and so does Facebook. That means a faster website will get more visibility. If your website seems to be a bit on the slow side, figure out how to optimize your website’s speed and fix the problem.

3. Make Posts Easier to Read

Many bloggers understand how important sub-headings are, to make a post easier to read and to break up the content into chunks. However, chances are you’re not doing everything you could be doing to make your text easier and more fun to read.

It’s not just sub-headings, it’s bolding important text as well, and breaking up paragraphs into smaller chunks of text. It’s adding images, using italics, and generally making your blog post easy to read and digest. This surprisingly does make a difference in keeping visitors returning to your blog.

4. Interviews With Public Figures

Interviewing a public figure does wonders for your blog. It increases your SEO, because when people Google that person’s name, your blog post might come up. It also get your blog more views, especially if the public figure you interview has a big social media following, and shares your article.

You might think that no public figure would ever be interested in doing an interview on your small blog, but you’d be surprised. Many of them are trained by their managers never to turn down an interview. Many of them believe that it’s worth their time to do interviews – even on small blogs – to potentially reach a new audience. So, send a few e-mails out to public figures (or their managers) and you’ll be surprised at how many of them say “yes” and agree to be interviewed for your blog. You have nothing to lose by asking!

5. Trading Guest Posts

It’s great to have different voices on your blog besides your own, to give it some variety. That’s one of the reasons why guest posts are always a good idea. However, another reason why guest posts are important is the trading aspect of them. If you can trade guest posting with another blogger, you can each reach new audiences by posting on each other’s blogs. This is a win-win scenario for both bloggers, and it’s something you should do with a few different bloggers every month if you can. You’ll notice an increase in subscribers to your blog the more you guest post.

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