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Brad Chapman Alliance Building Solutions San Bernardino County Discusses How He Built a Successful Team

Brad Chapman Alliance Building Solutions San Bernardino County Discusses How He Built a Successful Team While Scaling up Alliance Building Solutions

Looking for tips for building a great team? Let’s see what San Bernardino County leader and Alliance Building Solutions project manager Brad Chapman has to say!

Alliance Building Solutions is one of the leading HVAC companies in San Bernardino County, producing hundreds of thousands in revenue, and providing career opportunities for aspiring HVAC professionals. Brad Chapman has helped grow Alliance Building into to one of California’s leading HVAC and lighting solutions. Now he’s going to share some sage team-building insights.

“One of the things I realized early on when scaling Alliance Building Solutions in San Bernardino County, was that the company was only going to be as strong as the team,” Brad Chapman says. “Right off the bat, I knew that if we wanted to attract the best talent, we had to build a great work environment.

Brad Chapman believes that to build a great company, you need to attract great staff. Yet the best staff are going to be attracted to the best companies. You might think this is a chicken or egg situation, but the key takeaway is that great employees will support your company, and great companies support their employees. It's not “either or,” it's both together.

Fair compensation and great benefits are often a prerequisite for attracting talent. A stable work environment where honesty is valued and new ideas are welcomed will help your company remain flexible and innovative. It’ll also help you attract honest people with innovative ideas.

“I’m an expert when it comes to HVAC systems, and I love teaching people new to the industry,” Brad Chapman from San Bernardino County says. “But I also keep an open mind and love learning from other people. I don’t need to know everything, that doesn’t matter. What does matter is building a knowledgeable team.”

When looking for new employees, it’s wise to find people with talents, education, and skills that address gaps at your company. Let’s say you offer great products and services. You’ve also got a marketing manager who excels at B2B marketing, but doesn’t know much about digital marketing. If you’re looking to expand marketing efforts, it might be time to bring in a digital marketing expert.

Brad Chapman Talks About Leading by Example at Alliance Building Solutions in San Bernardino County

A great work environment will help you retain awesome staffers. At Alliance Building Solutions in San Bernardino County, Brad Chapman says that keeping office politics to a minimum is standard practice. Providing support for team members and looking out for each other’s well-being is a must. For Brad, that means walking the walk.

“I do my best to lead by example,” Mr. Chapman says. “If I want my team to offer great customer service, I need to offer great customer service myself. I might go out on a job, and spend some time talking with the customer, learning what they want. I also offer great service to my team. If there’s a problem or concern, I listen.”

On the other hand, if you berate your employees, they’re going to be more likely to berate one another. Likewise, if you treat your customers poorly, your team might treat them badly as well.

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