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Easy Breezy Summer Hair Styles for Girls

Let's face it, many hairstyles for girls don't work when summer hits. Your bangs get messy and hair sticks to your neck. It's the worst.

But, there's a way to look beautiful and stylish despite hot and humid weather. You just need a little ingenuity and a good brush.

This article is meant to give you the right life-advice for when the sun starts going crazy. In the end, you'll feel just like your favorite beauty vlogger. If you want to know the best hairstyles for the summer months, keep reading for all you need to know.

The High Ponytail

When it's hot and humid it's key that you keep your hair from sticking to your face and neck. High ponytails are cute hairstyles that accent the profile of your neck, cheekbones, and chin while being functional when the weather is hot.

To put together a perfect high ponytail, start by brushing your hair until it's entirely free of knots and tangles. This hairstyle asks women to pull back their hair, and it's important you can do this without causing the top length from tugging your scalp.

Once you've brushed your hair out, start working the top 80% from your crown to the back of your head. When you do this, try aligning the brush with your cheekbones. You want a highlighted profile, taking this step makes sure the angles in your face line up with the placement of your ponytail.

When you tie your ponytail, you can tie it twice to prevent it from coming loose. Add a product that resists the humidity if you want a voluminous ponytail. After completing all of the prior steps, you can brush your ponytail to help it retain volume and texture.

The Side Braid

Most hairstyles for long hair ask for a good structure in the Summer months. That means, braids, ponytails, and buns all need nice form and hair product. For the side braid, you'll need to take your time to make sure the braid doesn't come undone and mix with your loose hair.

Just like the high ponytail, begin brushing your hair completely. Free any loose knots, tangles, or twisted pieces. You should be able to glide your fingers throughout without resistance.

Pretend you're braiding your hair as usual, but only on one side. Start parting your hair to establish the size of your braid. For women with shorter hair, you can use some product if it helps.

This is an asymmetrical hairstyle. If you want to highlight the difference between both sides, you can try styling your unbraided side to look more striking. Similarly, you can pick any braid you want for the other side if you want to keep your unbraided hair simple.

The Slicked Back Crown

The slicked back crown works for women with short or long hair. It's a straightforward hairstyle that works especially well during humid days, as the look tends to appear half-dried or styled with wet hair products.

Learn how to straighten natural hair if you have frizzy or curly locks. Since this hairstyle can look good on any women, don't feel pressured to style the look too heavy. All you need to do is prepare your hair then work it back.

Just like all the girl hairstyles on this list, start by brushing your hair out. You want your hair to appear completely straight. After this step, work your hair on your crown to the back of your scalp.

Then, lead all the rest of your hair back. If you want to accent your jaw or cheekbones you can try brushing your hair at a small angle. The only final step is to add some form of hair product. In this case, hairspray and mattes are your best bet to retain a natural look.

The Half-Up Top Knot

Top knots are great updos for long hair. They take any hair that might stick to your face and move it to the top of your head. The look ends up being cute and practical during the hot summer months.

To keep the hairstyle from falling apart while maintaining natural hair health, start with dry and ready-to-brush hair. As with every other mention on this list, brush out your hair until it's straight.

After this, start sectioning your hair. At least 1/3 of your hair should stay ready for the top knot. It might take several tries before you can balance the knot upright. You'll get better at this once you learn how to prepare a ponytail off that top 1/3 section.

The half-up top knot acts as a miniature ponytail between the other hanging lengths. At this point, begin brushing the ponytail you just formed from the back. Backbrushing creates enough texture for you to start wrapping a knot.

At this point, set your top knot and brush out the rest of your hair. The look ends up putting together a simple lifestyle with an easy hairstyle.

Don't Let Summer Get in the Way of Your Natural Beauty

Even your favorite stars have to deal with hot weather hair problems. Every woman needs a go-to look when it gets mucky. So, have you found the right solution for a sunny day?

Peering through this list of hairstyles for girls you'll find a few key points.

1. All hairstyles require prep and ample brushing

2. Some products work better than others when it's humid outside

3. You can look beautiful while being practical

It can be time-consuming to find beauty tips that work for anyone personally. Are you tired of flipping through blog after blog just to find what you're looking for?

You need to check out our blog. if you're in the mood for the best in beauty and inspiration!

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