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Home Decor Ideas for Minimalist Tastes

Minimalism typically entails the most empty, clean and trimmed household configurations, but of course, you’ll still need some essential items in your home to make it livable. Striking a balance between your needs in terms of practicality, and your tastes regarding cutting out the clutter, is the key to a stylish, open and breezy minimalist interior, with simplistic and often basic design features heavily represented in your choices of decorative items and furniture. This guide walks you through some of the decor ideas that’ll work perfectly in an aspiringly minimalist household.


First and perhaps foremost, in an age of smart homes, much of the everyday clutter of past generations has become obsolete, with several options that might contribute to a more centralized and simple form of home maintenance. From the convenience of Google and Amazon’s home-helping devices to sleek and slender smart televisions, where once numerous items would contribute towards the practical running of a home, now you’ll be able to narrow them down to a few select furnishings that’ll cut the clutter with ease.

Beyond technology such as computers and televisions, you’ll be able to consider smart heating systems (with underfloor options to rid yourself of unattractive radiators) and automatic or remote-controlled blinds and doors that will open and close on your demand. Technology offers options for super-realistic electronic fireplaces and home security systems too. Do your research to decide what forms of developing technology you might be able to include in your home.


The largest items in each and every room of your house, the furniture you choose is a pivotal factor in achieving a minimalist aesthetic in your home. In terms of color and design styles, remember that simplicity is your benchmark, so naturally monochrome and basic styles are your go-to. Consider the offerings on sites such as Concrete Crib. With angular and stark designs, and a natural, unadorned look, concrete furniture, and descriptive touches serve to create the impression of space which, in turn, feels luxurious in a minimalist home.

Elsewhere, ensure your furniture items are all in some way linked stylistically. Even in a non-minimalist setup, two different styles of couch, table or chair can feel jarring and incongruous when in the same room or even the same household. Don’t, therefore, fall in love with a couch only to realize that, once it’s in your home, it clashes horribly with the other pieces you currently own. You’ll need to think carefully about your rooms’ ability to mold around your furniture, and vice versa, to successfully bring minimalism into your furniture choices.

Room Plans

There are some exciting new apps which enable you to make hypothetical room plans from the comfort of your phone, taking measurements of the size of the room and the items there contained. These will help you plan the layout of the room you’re attempting to inject a minimalist ethos into. Less is more (as the saying goes) when it comes to this style, so cull any items that aren’t strictly necessary for the livable household you want to inhabit.

Beyond simple furniture-moving possibilities, you’ll also be able to consider your ability to knock through walls, creating an open-plan feel to your property very much in line both with contemporary design trends in general, and your desired minimalist aesthetic. Consult with a builder or property developer so that you know exactly what’s possible and what might endanger the structural integrity of your home. You may be surprised to find that most walls, especially in new-builds, can be removed to create that sense of space you’re after.


The way you light a room can have a surprising and significant impact on the way it feels. Traditionally, white, clean, clinical light tends to complement a minimalist setup far more than the cozy yellows and oranges of older interior designs. Achieving this look is often simply a case of changing your light bulbs, which is a cheap but effective way of establishing space and simplicity in your home. The less prominent your light fittings, the more the room you’re curating will appear minimalist. As such, lights which are sunken into ceilings (or even floors) are a good bet.

Your other source of light, of course, is natural - and comes in through the windows of your home. The minimalist homes you lust after on the internet will typically feature floor-to-ceiling, large, dramatic windows with the ability to open them up onto a terrace or patio outside. It’s a dreamy, spacious and luxurious look that, if you can afford the changes, can truly make a room into a minimalist paradise. Otherwise, ensure you’ve got simple blinds or curtains, blinds are usually preferred so that you’ll be able to control the natural light entering your home.


A last word on colors, which tend to be a central part of minimalist design. As you’ll know, either instinctively or from your internet browsing, the main colors in the minimalist palette are restricted to whites and tones of gray, rarely touching the dark tones that naturally serve to make a room feel smaller and less spacious. At a push, you’ll be able to manage a restricted palette of faded pastel colors, which strike a pleasant balance between vital energy and the minimalist requirement for rooms to be free of busyness and clutter.

Once you’ve selected your palette, your hands will be somewhat tied as to the items you’ll be able to add to your rooms. A room built upon whites and grays, for instance, will feel strange with a bright red rug laid in the center. Of course, neutral and basic colors are available in nearly all forms of furniture and everything else that’s likely to adorn a room, so this restriction is not necessarily a trade-off with the options you’d like to enjoy browsing. As a rule, your color palette should have some consistency throughout your whole household as, otherwise, you’ll create distinct rooms with equally distinct moods. White walls, as always, are the gold standard.

Create your ideal minimalist interior with the help of this in-depth analysis of all the ingredients you’ll be able to utilize to make a truly luxurious, spacious and simple home interior.

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