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How to Give Yourself a Haircut in 8 Easy Steps

Fellas, this summer is projected as another record-breaker for heat and humidity. You can't afford to walk around with a Shaggy-dog and sweat dripping like Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite. It's time for a much-needed haircut.

We know that cheap haircuts and trims aren't exactly the best quality, of course. That's why we made this guide on how to give yourself a haircut, even if you've never done it before. The focus is on simple techniques and low maintenance styles.

This guide is geared towards shorter hairstyles, but the same principles can apply to long hair. Anything longer than shoulder length deserves a proper barber. For everyone else, take notes and follow along.

Here are eight steps to a great haircut!

1. Never Use Cheap Supplies

Cutting hair with any pair of scissors will result in disaster. No, seriously, if you're an amateur wielding some dull Dollar Tree scissors, things will get ugly. You'll have to repeat the same cuts over and over.

Your hand will get tired from having to use more strength to cut. Worst of all, your cuts are imprecise and often jagged. Buy yourself a nice pair of scissors, a fine-tooth comb, and some hair clippers.

Avoid trying to repurpose your beard trimmer to cut your hair. Read this review from Buzz Cut Guide to get yourself a nice pair of clippers. This will speed up the job and produce a cleaner cut.

2. Split the Part

To tackle a self-cut without butchering your hair, you need to move in sections. You can't start hacking away randomly and even things out by eye. Instead, start by parting your hair right down the middle of each eyebrow.

What this does is isolate your hair at the top so that you can cut the sides evenly. Even if your final hairstyle requires you to keep the top long, take the same steps.

3. Shape the Face

If you've ever watched any beauty vloggers begin their process, you'll notice many start with the sides. The same concept applies to hairstyles for men. Sideburns and the area just above them are where you set your desired new length.

Start with the highest clipper attachment and work your way down. This setting will become your base for the sides and back.

4. Cut with the Comb

Once you have made your way around with the clippers, it's time to trim with your scissors. Take your comb and use it to cut in sections at a time. You'll comb up and pull the hair with your hand.

Use the comb as a guide to make cuts at around the same length. Your cuts shouldn't look perfectly straight. Don't take too much at a time.

You can always go back and trim more if you need to.

5. Even the Top

Continue trimming using your comb as a guide until you reach the top. It's here that you want to start using your fingers as a rough measurement. Pull your hair up straight and trim until it barely pokes out.

Hair up top is easy to overcut, so don't get impatient. Keep in mind the length you'll need if you plan on doing something outside of crew cuts. Keep a water spray bottle on-hand to prevent missing, loose strands of hair.

Don't use too much water, though; it will make it harder to hold your hair in place.

6. Define the Edges

Now that you've gotten the proper length you've wanted, it's time to clean it up. Take your clippers and use the bare razor to start "drawing" edges. Start with the sideburns and work your way around the ear and down the back.

If you have a beard, we suggest starting there first if you want to connect the sideburns. Go with an even blending into your beard to make things easier to maintain. When you reach the back of the head, don't try any blending until you're comfortable cutting hair.

Fades are definitely harder to pull off, even harder on yourself. Remember to run your fingers through your edges to catch loose ends.

7. Finish with Some Hair Products

Beard oils, balms, and aftershave lotion are all highly recommended post-clippers. Taking care of skin irritation and moisturizing freshly cut hair help improve your new look. As for hair gels, mouse, or spray, save those until you've washed out your hair.

In fact, you should probably condition your hair before cutting it. Leave-in conditioners make it easier to even out your hair. This will result in a smoother and cleaner cut every time.

8. Visit a Barbershop

It's okay if you screw up your first self-cut. It happens to every guy. The only "easy" self haircuts are taking a hair tie and hacking off a ponytail in one go. Plus, there are other perks to seeing a barber after your first attempt.

• They'll give you advice on what you did and did not do well.

• They'll be able to save you from public embarrassment.

• They might give you a discount as a token of sympathy.

It's a win-win situation that you should embrace as a learning experience.

How to Give Yourself a Haircut and More DIY!

We hope this guide on how to give yourself a haircut has given you a little more confidence. We know there are some sections in here that are difficult or awkward. Cutting your own hair evenly requires a good eye and mirror setup.

The eight steps we've covered are only the tip of the iceberg in DIY fashion and self-styling. Watch some video tutorials and keep practicing refining your own style.

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