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The Ultimate Hurt Foot Workout - Don't Let Bad Feet Get You out of Shape!

Foot injuries might not seem like a big deal at first, but the data says otherwise.

Every year, at least 60,000 injuries to the foot keep people out of work. On average, these absences cost businesses $9,600.

If you're dealing with a foot injury, it's easy to assume that you can't exercise until it's healed. That not actually the case, though.

You can stay active while nursing a foot injury. You just have to make sure you're doing the right exercises.

Read on to learn some great exercises you can do for a great hurt foot workout without slowing down the healing process.

Why Workout with a Foot Injury?

Some people assume that they shouldn't exercise if they have an injury. The truth, though, is that you can definitely exercise with an injury. You just have to be smart about the type of exercises you do.

There are lots of benefits that come from working out with an injury, too, including the following:

Less stress

Reduced psychological issues (depression, anxiety, etc.)

Reduced inflammation

Maintain muscle mass (which helps to prevent future injuries)

Improves functionality and prevents scar tissue buildup

Improves range of motion

Exercising while you recover from an injury can also help you get back to regular activity sooner. You may heal faster and be able to get back in the game more quickly if you prioritize movement as you're recovering.

Necessary Workout Equipment

Before we get into the specific workouts you should be doing, it's a good idea to make sure you have access to some basic exercise equipment.

Here are some essential pieces of equipment you can use to get in a good workout even with a hurt foot:

Stationary bikes

Rowing machines

Seated exercise machines

Resistance bands


There are a lot of exercises that you can do that don't require any equipment at all. If you do have access to this equipment, though, you'll have more options available to you.

Best Exercises for a Hurt Foot Workout

There are lots of exercises you can combine to put together an effective hurt foot workout. The following are some of the best options you ought to consider trying:

Cycling or Rowing

There are lots of cardiovascular exercises you can do that don't require you to put pressure on your feet. Cycling and rowing and two great options to consider.

Rowing is an especially good option to consider if you can't use your feet at all (if you're wearing a cast or walking boot, for example).


If you have access to a swimming pool, swimming is a great workout for when you're dealing with a foot injury.

Swimming takes the pressure off your joints and allows you to get your heart rate up in a low impact way. The water also provides some gentle resistance to strengthen your muscles.

Battle Ropes

Battle ropes are the perfect tool for doing HIIT (high-intensity interval training) intervals without stressing out your feet.

Battle rope workouts might seem like an easy option at first. Once you start slamming them down on the ground, though, you'll quickly change your mind!


You can still strength train when you have a foot injury. In fact, strength training is even more important when you're dealing with any kind of injury.

If you're able to stand and put weight on your foot, bodyweight squats are a good option for strengthening the lower body. You can add weight with dumbbells or use a resistance band to make the exercise more challenging, too.

Stationary Lunges

When squats get boring, try mixing things up with stationary lunges.

Walking lunges or alternating lunges could put too much pressure on your foot, but stationary ones are much easier and decrease your risk of getting injured. They can help you work on your foot and ankle stability, too.


Push-ups are an incredible compound exercise (exercises that target multiple muscle groups at once). They strengthen your arms, your chest, your back, and your glutes.

You can make push-ups easier by doing them on your knees or by leaning against a table or countertop, too.

Seated Dumbbell Exercises

There are lots of dumbbell exercises you can do to strengthen your upper body while recovering from a foot injury. You don't even have to stand up while doing them.

Seated exercises like a seated dumbbell shoulder press, seated bicep curls, and seated tricep extensions are all good options. Dumbbell chest presses and chest flyes and great to add to your workout, too.

Seated Machine Exercises

Exercise machines are perfect for folks who can't stand while working out but still want to strengthen their muscles.

Look for machines like the leg press machine, the pec deck machine, and the lat pull-down machine that you can use while staying in a seated position.

Balance Exercises

Recovering from a foot injury is the perfect time to work on your balance.

Simply standing on one foot and trying to keep your foot and ankle as stable as possible can be very challenging -- but in the best way

These exercises improve balance and stability, which decrease your injury risk. They help to strengthen the core, too.

Foot Strengthening Exercises

This is a great time to do foot strengthening exercises, too.

Simple exercises like toe curls and marble pick-ups help to strengthen the foot and promote faster healing.

You'll be less likely to deal with dysfunction and ongoing pain when you do these exercises, too. That's why so many physical therapists recommend them.

Need More Workout Advice?

As you can see, there are lots of exercises you do to get in a great hurt foot workout without making your injury worse or slowing down your healing.

Keep these exercises in mind so you can start or continue to reap all the benefits of regular exercise.

Do you want to learn more about great workouts? Do you need to revamp your fitness routine? If so, we've got lots of articles on our site that can help you.

Check out the Health section today for a variety of informative articles to help you look and feel your best.

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