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What’s the Best Way to Smoke Weed? Top 10 Ways to Consume Cannabis

Cannabis use is on the rise. In 2013 alone, 7.5% of the world's population over the age of 12 years reported that they currently used marijuana.

It's clear that the marijuana hype is real. But if you're new to weed and are looking for the best way to consume it, you may be wondering: what is the best way to smoke weed?

We're answering that question for you today with our top 10 methods for smoking and consuming weed.

Wondering which method is right for you? Keep reading and we'll tell you.

1. Dab It

If you're looking for the method that packs the strongest THC punch, dabbing is the method for you. This method requires pricey equipment like a concentrate pen or a rig. But some people will make the investment for such a pure, clean high.

What is dabbing? It's a method that uses extremely high-concentrations of THC resin or oil AKA dabs to deliver a potent dose to your bloodstream. Using a pen instead of a rig, dabbing can be microdosed, too.

2. Rub It in

People who suffer from pain conditions have probably heard that weed can help. But if you're looking for a smoke-free way to use THC to treat your pain, topical THC creams are an excellent choice.

Looking to get high? This method is not the way to go since the cream delivers a localized dose to the muscles or joints that are causing you pain. But don't expect to experience the same head high as you get from smoking, vaping, or consuming edibles.

3. Spray It

Remember those mouth sprays that were cool in the '90s? That's the idea behind cannabis mouth sprays. Instead of freshening your breath, sprays deliver a fast-acting dose of THC without needing to inhale.

Since cannabis mouth sprays come in a variety of potencies, anyone from beginner to expert can find a product to suit their needs. This method of consuming weed is also perfect for people with asthma or other lung conditions.

4. Drink It

And no, we aren't just talking about your homemade cup of weed tea. You can now find cannabis coffee, cocktails, sodas, and fruit drinks that will get you high. This is another great way to consume marijuana for people with health conditions that don't permit smoking.

Like THC pills, cannabis-infused drinks have a specific dose making it easy for beginners to start out small. Weed drinks are also slower acting than a hit off a joint or a dab. That's because the THC is metabolized through the liver similar to the way edibles are.

5. Pop It

Want to use cannabis but don't like the taste? Pick a bottle of THC capsules. Don't worry about the dose either because THC pills work for longer and deliver more robust effects.

THC pills are taken orally. They're made of THC suspended in oil droplets and wrapped in a non-toxic casing. Cannabis pills are also a safer method of THC consumption than smoking.

6. Eat It

This isn't your mother's pot brownies. Cannabis edibles have been around for a long time, which has given producers time to perfect this method. Using decarboxylated weed usually cooked in butter or oil, edibles can include pasta, popcorn, and even bread.

In the argument of edibles vs weed, edibles do take longer to affect you. But most consumers report feeling much more robust effects from edibles. Not to mention, edible weed products are much tastier than smoking.

7. Chew It

Want to consume cannabis products with none of the high? Marijuana enthusiasts have created CBD-infused chewing gum. Made with medical marijuana users in mind, CBD gum is discreet and non-psychoactive.

CBD gum works faster than edibles because it's absorbed through the mucous lining instead of through the stomach.

8. Vape It

Vaping is for people who like to smoke but want to consume cannabis in a healthier way. Like dabbing, you'll need at least a vape pen to get started. But using vaporization is a clean, toxin-free way to inhale your daily dose of THC.

Vaping is also great for recycling your already consumed weed. Save the brown bits after you're done with your bowl and use them to make weed oil or butter. That way, you get two methods in one.

9. Soak in It

Looking for the ultimate relaxation experience? Pick up a THC or CBD-infused bath bomb or bath salts. Much like topical cannabis products, bath bombs and salts won't give you that typical weed high.

Instead, you'll feel relaxed from the skin to muscle to bone. This is a great option for people with chronic pain or even just muscle soreness after the gym.

10. Smoke It

Pipes, bogs, joins, blunts, and more. The methods you can use to smoke weed are endless. Tried and true, smoking weed is probably the most popular way to consume THC because you'll feel the effects in a matter of minutes.

The best way to smoke weed is probably through a glass pipe or bong. That way, you aren't ingesting any other plant material like you would with joints or blunts. Add a few ice cubes to your water pipe and experience a cool, terpene-filled way to consume THC.

The Best Way to Smoke Weed

Of all the ways to consume THC, the best way to smoke weed is to choose the method that works best for your needs. Are you a medical user? Stick with edibles and topical treatments.

Do you prefer weed for its potent high? Dabbing or smoking will be your best bet.

With so much hype around the cannabis industry these days, companies are scrambling to provide a THC product for everyone. So be sure that the cannabis product for you is out there. And this guide was intended to help you find it.

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