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Why does your business need a website?

At Blue Whale Media Ltd, we understand the importance of investing in a fully functional and high-quality website to showcase your business at it’s best. Statistics show that in 2016, only 46% of small businesses had a dedicated online site for their brand. However, within a year, that percentage has dropped to a staggering 29%.

Our Web Design Manchester team has listed some of the most important reasons that a company must invest in a website below.

Makes you easy to contact and shows that you are available 24/7

Even if your company is not a 24/7 business, investing in a website to showcase that you are available to your customers is wise. Unlike a high street shop, your website will not close its doors at 5pm. Your customers are free to browse your products and service, even when you’re not there. This means, even if you are not hosting an ecommerce site, that you are selling and promoting your products and services to your customers 24/7.

This, however, is not to say that a shoddy one-page website is enough to entice customers and your target audience. To see success and growth, businesses must seek the help of a professional and experienced team. At Blue Whale Media Ltd, our Web Design Manchester team have a great deal of experience and can offer you valuable advice and guidance in regards to your online shop

Helps to target a wider audience

A well designed and managed website of eCommerce site allows any business, no matter your product, to target a much wider audience. Cast your net and entice an increased flow of targeted traffic through well-managed campaigns.

Again, a high street shop may be limited by the number of people on the high street, but your online platform can yield fantastic results at very minimal costs.

Social Media Integration

Any business wishing to capitalise on an increase in customer traffic will require a well managed social media presence. Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook all offer different value. However, a smart business over can use social media platforms to their advantage. At Blue Whale Media Ltd, our dedicated social media specialists can advise and guide you through the importance of social media. By utilising the platforms correctly, you can cast a much wider net and entice larger groups of traffic to your site. Social media also gives businesses a valuable chance to interact with their customers. Answering questions, investing in giveaways and uploading creative and engaging content are all ways in which your business can attract and keep quality customers.

Improve your credibility and offer customer support

We live in a digital age where technology reigns supreme. For the average consumer, it is commonplace for a business to have a comprehensive online presence. A well designed, engaging and attractive business website is essential for your brand to become trusted and depended on. Our Web Design Manchester team understand how vital structure is to a business site and happily advise our customers on the best plan of action and what can work for their brand.

Being viable and easy to connect with online also encourages your customers that you are supportive in your role. Improve customer interaction with a dedicated customer support page. Support pages help when they are filled with frequently asked questions and a contact form. If you operate in more than one country or cannot afford a phone service/ are on the move most of the day (for example a plumber or contracted), a customer support page is a great way for your customer’s questions to be answered and valued without causing you too much of a bother.

Online Sales are a great way to boost your income

It goes without saying that a well built and expertly managed eCommerce site is effective, budget-friendly to start-up and potentially very lucrative. A good eCommerce platform will allow your business to tap into an important percentage of modern business. Online sales are growing steadily every year and combined with real-world sales, businesses that invest in an online store are almost guaranteed to reap the benefits within the first year.


To conclude, any business, no matter its service or product will benefit from a well designed and managed website. Statistics show that 75% of customers will judge a company’s credibility and professionalism on the quality of their website. Choose our team at Blue Whale Media Ltd to assist you in building a website that showcases the very best of your business.

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