6 common types of greenhouses

Glass multi-span greenhouse adopts a hot-dip galvanized steel structure framework and the covering materials generally use 4-5mm high-quality float glass or toughened glass. The transmittance is more than 95%.

The top and periphery of the greenhouse are special aluminum profiles for glass fixing. Most of these greenhouses are in the form of spire structures, mainly of the Wen Luo type and the pinnacle type.

The glass multi-span greenhouse has the advantages of beautiful appearance, good transparency, good display effect, and long service life. The roof opening window of the greenhouse is driven by gear and rack.

The ventilation rate can reach 27%. According to the user's needs, wet curtain and fan can be installed at two ends of the greenhouse. The aluminum profile push-pull window, flat window, or side-turning window can also be installed at two ends and sides of the greenhouse.

Winter warm steel frame greenhouse uses a steel frame instead of a large number of cement columns to support the greenhouse, which is referred to as a non-column vegetable greenhouse.

This structure has strong compression capacity and large internal space which is convenient for mechanical operation. The greenhouse without column can be used for breeding, seedling raising, planting flowers, soilless culture, and so on. The service life of this greenhouse will maintain for more than 20 years if there is no man-made damage.

And the greenhouse will be resistant to snowstorms and typhoons. The framework of this kind of greenhouse is produced by galvanized strip steel shaping equipment. It is easy to install and has no solder joints.

It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, strong structural strength, and heavy bearing capacity. Its service life is more than 15 years, and it is in the leading level in the domestic industry.

The eco-greenhouse restaurant is the product of the perfect combination of modern facility agriculture and green catering. It is a large-scale greenhouse building with people-oriented, catering-oriented, and landscape-oriented.

It integrates the lightness, convenience, and clarity of the greenhouse with the multi-function nature of the building. The restaurant has a natural environment full of green. It is "miniature" and "artistic" of the colorful ecological landscape of nature.

The top of the PC board intelligent greenhouse is covered with a polycarbonate hollow board (PC board) or wave board. The material has the characteristics of lightweight, good lighting, heat insulation, UV protection, dew prevention, ice and snow protection, high flame retardancy, and good aging resistance.

This kind of greenhouse has beautiful appearance, good insurance, strong drainage capacity, large lighting area, even indoor light, moderate transmittance, and a large span.

It is convenient to set up partitions inside, which is beneficial to partition management. This is suitable for flower planting, seedling breeding, flower market ecological hotel, scientific research, breeding, and other purposes.

A simple multi-span arch greenhouse is a kind of greenhouse improved on the basis of the arch all-steel frame greenhouse. It is a new type of solar greenhouse between the arch greenhouse and intelligent greenhouse.

This kind of greenhouse can form thick gas after being covered with a double-layer film. It can effectively prevent heat loss and cold air intrusion. It has a good thermal insulation effect and low operating costs in winter.

The greenhouse has a relatively low construction cost and is an economical greenhouse, which is suitable for most parts of China.

Solar greenhouses use the energy of the sun to improve the indoor temperature in the plastic greenhouse or glass room to meet the temperature requirements of plant growth, so people often call it an artificial heating room.

The solar radiation heat entering the greenhouse during the daytime often exceeds the heat that the greenhouse dissipates to the outside through various forms. At this time, the greenhouse is in a warming state.

Sometimes because of the high temperature, it also needs to release part of the heat artificially to meet the needs of plant growth. If the indoor heat storage device is installed, this part of the excess heat will be released.

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