How Does it Feel to Keep Various Pets at Home

There’s always a thing between people and animals, and I’m not only talking about pets but also animals that I occasionally have spent time with.

The first one is our family member, Yoyo, who is four years old. She is smart and lovely. I always feel that she might speak in the next second.

As a family member, she has her own dog beds. She plays an important role in our family. As our doorbell is broken, she has been our doorbell for a long time. As well as being an alarm clock, feet warmer and pillow. All depends on her mood.

Feet warmer:


(It’s great to ride a bicycle to friends’ home with her in the dog bike trailer or dog strollers. Excellent icebreaker, right social tool, and quickly have a chance to talk with girls)

Isn’t that cool~~~

Then, Yoyo’s peaceful life was interrupted, as her sister-- I am back from abroad (yep, is a sister, not aunt), who likes to pick up little animals from outside. So there are many interesting stories.

At first, there came many stray cats at home.

Am I looked like as a landlord?

And here’s a pair of eager eyes begging for feed. But right after you feed her, she will just run away and ignore you.

And some one’s even bringing his child to ask for a meal.

Yoyo would sometimes be upset, as this is her home.

Afterward, she got used to it.

A little yellow cat was just settled down in a vase beside our house door. Yes, she chose to live in a vase rather than a cat house.

A stray cat has very high alertness. Even we had a cat tree and cat tower in our house for her, and she was still unhappy if we shut her in the house. Except offering them a small corner with a canopy to keep from rain and wind, mostly they choose to find their sleeping places on their own. Come and eat at the same time every day. How free they are.

Finally, we are friends anyway. After half year’s being together, I became much closer to the two cats. In the beginning, they would keep at least 1 meter away from me, but now they won’t escape when I’m touching them while they are eating. I feel extremely flattered.

The yellow cat was not afraid of me even from the beginning. Every time I came home after business trips, she will run to me, rub and lick me.

We also picked up a rabbit, without buying a new rabbit hutch, we just placed her in the dog playpen.

Who are you? Where do you come from? Where are you heading to?

OMG,you have such a long body.

Little yellow one, you are so silly.

When Yoyo was there,

It was a little awkward.

Thanks to their sister, a disaster among the three avoided.

The rabbit was very thin when we just picked her. So we fed her carrot, vegetables, and fruit every day. As a result, whenever she saw a person, she would scrabble the rabbit hutch, eager for food. Finally, she turned into a fat rabbit. Until one day morning, aunt found the rabbit had only left a pool of blood and skin. The whole family was shocked. The security uncles said a yellow weasel might eat the rabbit because there was a whole on earth and no bones were left. They had seen yellow weasel in the neighborhood. The family felt sad for a very long time. My dear rabbit, wish you have endless food to eat in the heaven and be a fat rabbit. But I still feel terrible when thinking about the rabbit. Then my friend sent me a gift on my birthday: a pair of peacocks, one in white and the other one in blue. Cool~

Once on a project in the mountains, I found a wounded bird and then raised it in the dormitory. The bird did not move much at the beginning, and its eyes remained closed. We were all so afraid that it cannot live.

Later we made her a bird cage. From then on, in addition to volunteer work, I was also a bird sister.

After working every day, she would see the diligent bird-sister clutching her ass and catching bugs in the grass.

The dormitory had only a small window. There was almost no light when the door closed.

One day I came back after work, the bird was standing on the upper berth's bed and looking out of a small window..

We said she wanted to go home. In fact, she may want to go out.

At that time I thought, as soon as she was strong enough to fly, I would immediately put her back into nature.

The bird is standing on my roommate’s arm.

There are many more stories left to state.


Author Skyler.

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