How to Keep Your House Tidy, Comfortable and Warm?

First let’s have a brief view:

It’s a regular type, the only problem is the living room is too small, thus no enough space for dining room. A bar table was set, which is quite beautiful.

First is the entrance.

As there’s no enough space, so those large racks or sideboard is not on the list. We pick a more decorative hook, which is more convenient, space-saving and rich. It’s from Ikea.

Because of the structure problem, people will find a wall at the first sight. Most people will decorate it with painting and wall lamp, quite warm. But we just casually pick a trunk on the way home to put it there.

Next is the Living room.

The main color of living room is wood and grey. The greyish line sofa and blanket feel warm. White wall is quiet and exquisite. The plantings, however, makes the room lively, eliminating the rigid. The poking out floor lamp is quite lovely.

Coffee tables, TV stand, and bookcase are all from ebay, similar color will not seems too messy. Actually natural wood furniture is more concise, but as the living room is originally white tone, dark walnut one is more harmonious.

Balcony is next to the living room, turned into tatami, light color matching dark one. Two cushions, a cup of tea and a book make me a very comfortable privacy world.

Life needs a balance between busy and leisure life to support your own world. An storage ottoman must be here for you when you sit down on the sofa.

The incompleteness of living room, makes it much brighter comparing to the whole pattern. Wall shelves and book shelf enrich the living room.

Multifunctional and Cozy Bar Counter

Multifunctional bar counter is the key here, functional and convenient, can meet various needs. It’s an effective solution in many designs for small space. In the Evening, it’s very cozy to sit on the bar stools, chatting with friends, under a warm ceiling lamp.

Warm-toned Bathroom

Outside the bathroom we customized an aluminum alloy folding door. In the doorway, we placed a wood closet to have a better organisation.

In the bathroom, there’s simply a tub, a wash basin and a toilet. There is an indented place for storage behind the tub. Simple and concise white cement bricks are good to create a warm feeling. Natural wood will not be too cold under warm light, adding more cozy atmosphere.


The light in the bedroom is warm too, along with warm wood style, makes the room quite cozy. There is no bay window originally, we customized one for resting, drinking tea and reading, made from big core board and veneer. To customize one is a good choice.

Bay window is so comfortable! Reading under sunshine, listen to music and learn to sing, what a life! Linen curtain is from Ikea, which is with good quality.



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