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Sports Bra - Which Sports Bra Complements Your Type Of Exercise

A sports bra is a must-have in your wardrobe if you are actively involved in pursuing any kind of exercise: be it running, going to the gym or simply doing an hour of light yoga. It gives you a uni-boob look which is what you want at your workout session and keeps your breasts in place and well supported. The breasts tissues are very tender and exercising in a regular bra might harm them, giving you chronic breast pain. Where a normal bra keeps your breasts squished, a sports bra keeps them together while giving them a good breathing space. Just like the intensity of all workouts differs from each other, you need to wear a different kind of sports bra for each kind of exercise that you undertake.

• Running/jogging

This kind of activity involves a lot of movement for your breasts and a sports bra will support your breasts well, keeping them safe from the rigorous jerks. Running and jogging are considered high-intensity exercises and without a sports bra, a problem that you might encounter is nipple chaffing or ‘runner’s nipple’ as the athletes like to call it. It is the result of the friction caused by clothing against the nipple while you run or jog. During high-intensity exercises like running the intense movement of the breasts causes the Cooper ligaments which are the connective tissues in the breasts to get strained. These ligaments help in maintaining the structural integrity of the breasts and any strain and lack of support may lead to soreness in your breasts.

The kind of bra you need here is a high support bra which features defined cup structure and underwire along with hook-and-eye closures to provide maximum support. Victoria’s secret has a fabulous collection of high impact sports bras with molded cups and compression fabric that provide extra support and security to the breasts. These bras are perfect for sweaty workouts because of their moisture-wicking quality and thin lining.

• Cycling/ Dancing

Cycling, hiking, golf, Zumba, and any other forms of dancing are considered medium-impact exercises and you need medium support sports bras for these. Medium support sports bras have a cupless design, no underwire, and their fabric is more elasticized to restrict the movement of the breasts. Try out the cage sports bra or ones with mesh paneling in this category at Victoria’s Secret.

• Walking / Yoga

These kinds of workouts are considered low intensity as they give minimal bounce and you need a low impact sports bra for such exercises. A low impact sports bra has narrow shoulder bands and they do not have an underwire. In most low impact bras you will not even find the hook and eye closure as these bras aim at providing more comfort than support. We found padded and non-padded seamless laser cut sports bras at Clovia that fit the bill. They even have racerback low impact sports bras which you can flaunt from under your activewear. Pick up a style like a plunge neck sports bra in hot red in this category.

Whatever sports bra you choose it should be tad bit tighter than your regular bra but shouldn’t squish your breasts. You have to ensure that you buy it in a perfect size so that your boobs don’t spill out when doing something like bending forward. If there is an underwire in the bra, it should lie flat against the ribcage and the sweat-wicking band should not ride up when you raise your hands or bend down.

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