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Why do you need to see a Gynecologist?

If you have a vagina, there will be a time when you’ll have to see a gynecologist. With time and age, a lot of changes take place in a female’s body. Thus, it is essential to pay a visit to the gynecologist to maintain your overall health. However, it can be full of anxiety and nervousness, but you don’t have to because it’s about your health.

Here are the reasons you need to book an appointment with a gynecologist in Kolkata:

Irregular Menstrual Cycle

Having irregular periods can be a sign of a major health problem. Thus, it is essential for you to see a gynecologist and get yourself examined. Whether your cycle has become shorter or longer, if you’re bleeding heavier, cramps have become painful, or you notice any other difference; all this are categorized as irregular periods.

Pelvic Exam

A yearly pelvic exam can help you detect an unusual growth or changes which might have developed, along with a test for sexually transmitted infection (STI). Women with issues like menstrual disorder, abnormal discharge or perimenopause should be examined annually.

Birth Control

If you are sexually active and don’t want to get pregnant, a visit to a gynecologist should be on your priority list. A doctor can help you to learn about various options and their pros and cons; this will help you to choose the best one that fits your lifestyle.

Painful Sex

Painful intercourse is a sign that something could be amiss. The source of pain can be physical or potentially psychological in nature. A gynecologist can help you find an answer for your discomfort. This intimate act shouldn’t be a cause of physical discomfort.

Maternal Health

It is essential for maternal health to obtain care from a gynecologist. As soon as you figure out about your pregnancy, your priority should be to book an appointment with an Obstetrician/Gynecologist. They monitor your entire pregnancy to ensure that everything is on the right track and address your concerns.

Pap smear

Pap smear is a test which is sent to the laboratory to examine for cancer or any other abnormal indicators. There are certain things which cannot be detected through an internal exam alone. Therefore, this test should be a part of your annual gynecological exam.

Apart from this, there are a lot of reasons to look for Gynecologist/Obstetricians in Kolkata and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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