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From Tapas To Churros, You Cannot Leave Spain Without Tasting These Dishes!

Flamenco, football, beautiful coastlines, fun festivals, long sunny days; not just that, the country is full of flavors and characters- yes its Spain!

With mouth-watering dishes and more bars per capita than other countries, Spain is a treasure trove of endless options when it comes to delicious food. From delightful tapas to the scrumptious seafood, the Spanish cuisine is a tempting fusion of past and present, sea and hills, modern and ethnicities and more. Moreover, it’s an explosion of colors, aromas and Mediterranean flavors that will surely satisfy palates of every eater.

If you are heading to the country, these dishes are a must try:


You cannot leave Spain without having the mouthwatering Tapas! Well, it’s not a wholesome meal; instead, it’s a combination of little meals like snacks, canapés or small plates that can be enjoyed any time of the day.

The dish includes almost anything from tuna to cocktail onion to olives to piping hot chorizo sausages to gourmet slow-cooked meat and more. Get this delicious dish from the nearest Spanish Restaurant and enjoy them with a glass of wine!

Huevos Rotos:

Traditional Spanish cuisine is more about meat and potatoes; and you can see this amazing combination in one of the most famous dishes of the country, Huevos Rotos.

Huevos Rotos means broken eggs, plated with freshly-fried potatoes, fried in Spanish olive oil and saute with sea salt. Depending on the place you will eat, either you will break the yolks with a crusty edge of the piece of bread or the person serving for you will break at the table.

Some restaurants also add a few bites of ham or chorizo to bring color and flavor; however, if the dish is served without meat, it becomes a tasty and delicious vegetarian tapa.

Tortilla Espanola:

It’s a traditional Spanish omelette made from eggs, potatoes, onions, Salt and pepper. You might find this dish at all locals as well as in restaurants. However, the variation in the dish varies as per city. The recipe is quite simple, if you want to try this at home, simply cut the potatoes in slices and fry them in drops of olive oil. Now drain the potatoes and mix them with chopped onions and raw beaten eggs. Put the mixture in the pan and let it cook for few minutes, and your tasty appetizer will be read in minutes!


Originated in Valencia, Paella is a traditional rice dish that will give you a punch of flavors in the mouth. Made from rabbit, chicken and local veggies, there are many verities of Paella you will find in the country.

There are types of Paella : Paella Valenciana (vegetables, chicken, duck, rabbit meat, white rice, land snails, beans and other spices), Paella Mixta ( rice chicken, seafood, olive oil, saffron and other species) and seafood Paella( rice, seafood, and seasoning) Nourished, vibrant and full of flavors, the dish will surely please your taste buds.

Crema Catalana:

If you have heard that crema Catalana and the French Crème Brulee are same, take a scoop and try them again. Crème Brulee is baked in a bain-marie and is usually served hot, while the Catalana is served cold and has custard infused with cinnamon and lemon rind instead of vanilla.

Grilled Fish:

If you are anywhere in Spain, Grilled fish is the one you should try; don’t bother to go in a restaurant to have this mouth-watering dish, the Spanish beaches are filled with igneous boats where fishermen’s are serving tempting sardines on coals. A perfect, hot-served, healthy and delicious meal will make your day on the hot summer day at the beach.

Garlic Prawns:

Also called as Gambas Ajillo, this is most delicious seafood of Spain. Either served as a main course dish or as tapas, garlic prawns are easy to cook and tastes best with flavors. Just take some fresh prawns, cook them in a pan with little olive oil, garlic and chili flakes and it’s done! Your tastiest meal will be ready in no time.


Head to the Spanish bakeries, and you will find churros everywhere. They are one of the staples of the city which is served with steaming thick hot chocolate. They are deep fried, sweet treats, tossed in cinnamon and sugar.

Is your mouth-watering? If you are in search of foodie heavens in the world, Spain should be in your list with its palatable dishes. Why waiting, get up and head to the any Spanish restaurant to please your taste buds!

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