Over training can limit performance gains

Over training can limit performance gains, provoke injury, and increase muscle soreness. All of which, can hold you back from seeing the results you want.

The question is - How can you prevent over training?

Program design and weekly workload- The first step we take care of here by using science backed program design. You'll notice the features of both the Health and Performance program differ by the goals of the athletes attending. If newer to fitness training or looking for a base of strength and conditioning, attend the Health Program. If looking for higher intensity, technically challenging, and sport oriented workouts, attend the Performance Program.

Recovery- This is the process of allowing your body to heal tears and breakdown of your muscle fibers caused by your workouts. Without the necessary repair provided by 7-9 hours of sleep, 1-3 rest day's a week, quality daily nutrition, and proper supplementation like protein, fish oil, and BCAA's, etc... the body can take longer to rejuvenate to its fully repaired state. This means you may be working out under deep soreness, limited capacity, or even in the state of injury.

So, by considering your daily training routines around muscle groups used, workout intensities, and proper recovery method's you'll find yourself less in the state of over training and more in the state of progress.

Overtraining can definitely be a problem, but sometimes people over-think this issue. People who are already in good shape can often continue to do hard workouts, as long as they get enough rest. Soreness is a good indication of whether or not you need to stop overtraining!

Some people showing like over smart and doing over exercise and that is not good for them in results they face several problems.

I don’t overtrain, but I do know how overtraining feels because I have done it in the past. I completely agree with you that overtraining does more harm than good.

If you can't see yourself being different, perchance you can create working right missing! What would it be just like to be able to allow go of a conference, which you merely have basically because you've organized doing it for a at the same time as.

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