Steven Parker

AI Robots will be replacing the White Collar Jobs by 6% until 2021

AI is now becoming very smart enough to replace the human beings in the traditional as well as professional role. AI has reached the advanced level in better understanding human behavior and in deciding on its own in any complicated and challenging situations. Robots will enable the software and perform the essential functions other than taking the food orders and processing the simple transaction.

Folks, do you think that AI Robs can replace the human shortly. But it is true, as AI programs are currently working on the replacement and might automate their routine process and take the place of the white collar workers. Near about 6% of the workers’ jobs will change and will have replaced by machine robots.

AI software and the chatbots will be included in the current technologies and have automated with the robotic system. They will have given rights to access calendars, email accounts, browsing history, playlists, past purchases, and media viewing history. 6% is the huge number in the world as people would be seen struggling in finding the jobs. But there are benefits also as your work would have done easily and speedily.

Advantages of AI Robotic Jobs:

AI helps in reduction of error and gives the highest degree of precision. The Robot is fed with enormous information to make them intelligent and to explore the space. The robots have made from metal bodies, so they are more resistant power and have greater ability.

• AI can also be used in difficult exploration like fuel exploration and in mining too as we know that robots can use their efforts in performing more difficult and hard work.

• With the help of AI, we can detect the fraud users using the smart card based system.

• You can have a digital assistant who can save your time also the artificial machine don’t get distracted by emotions and performs an equal amount of work on a regular basis.

• Computers think faster than humans, and so the repetitive jobs can also be done with the help of machine very quickly.

• Robotics has used in helping the mental health people as they can have often trained with the help of artificial intelligence. Considerable amounts of application are monitored to detect the neurological disorder in the human.

• Machines don’t need breaks, sleep, and other refreshments. They can remain active all the time without getting bored, tired or distracted.

Disadvantages of AI Robotic Jobs:

• AI would cost you a lot as they are very complex machines. Also, the repair and maintenance require you very high. The lost data and codes will also cost you very high along with consuming a lot of time.

• Machines cannot take the place of human as we believe that intelligence is the gift of God. Computers do not any emotions and moral values.

• It does not show improvement with experience. They don’t have any sense of belonging, togetherness or any feeling of human touch.

• They do not have the common sense and no original creativity or any imaginary power. Humans are highly sensitive, emotional and intellectuals.

• Unemployment will be more as machines will replace the humans. Humans will lose their creative thinking power and will become lazy.


We all know that AI comes with several Pros and Cons. Also, there will be benefits and risks at the same time which should be taken care of. Not only AI human’s needs are also increasing day by day along with the innovations. Things are continually changing very fast, and we are not able to notice the minor changes very quickly. So we need to accept the change and flow with it.

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