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Stains To Deal While Having Children in Your House

It can be a challenging time while living with little children without any doubt. There may also be some of the moments when the children contribute to mess on the floors. The major victim of the mess becomes your carpet. It is important for you to remain cool-headed and act as soon as possible for controlling the damage. When the mess done by children is out of your control then you should seek help from the carpet cleaning experts. There are some of the stains that are most obvious to be on your carpet with children.

What Type Of Stains Can Be Caused By Children?


The most loveable and favorite treat of the children is known to be chocolate and it is often the culprit behind some of the nasty carpet stains. You cannot hide chocolate stains, so the only option left with you is to scoop and blot the remains where they have ended up. Hence, removing the possible amount of chocolate from carpet reduces the chances of stain to get spread.

You should make sure that you are not leaving any dry particles behind because it will melt and leave a mess on your carpet. Next, you need to do is to mix the quarter teaspoon of mild dish soap with a cup of warm water and apply it to the clean cloth. Gently dab the clean cloth on the carpet, you should start from outside and then go to the middle of the stain. Allow the same to sit for some time and then blot dry the carpet.

Coloured drinks

The blue and red tongue from drinks might seem to be endearing, it is a different story when these colors end up being on your carpet. You should blot the spill with the dry towel. The carpet stain removal experts strictly avoid scrubbing the moist area as it will only result in spreading the stain. Then, you need to mix white vinegar, water, and soap in the spray bottle and apply on the spot. Allow it soak for approximately 5 minutes and then blot again.


There are times when young one feels exceptionally creative with the crayons. However, you will not be thrilled about the same when it is on the carpet. It is easy to get rid of the crayon stains with the help of baking soda. You need to take a sponge and wet it and then apply baking soda to remove the marks of the stain. Alternatively, you can also run over the stain with the help of a folded towel and warm iron for transferring the stains to towel from the carpet.


However, dealing with the stain caused by blood is easy for you when you know that the Carpet Cleaning Munster avoid using hot water. You need cold water and mix it with the dishwashing liquid for removing the stains.

How Our Cleaning Services would be Beneficial?

You should be attentive while cleaning the stains caused by your children. Thus, our Carpet Cleaning in Perth services provides an appropriate amount of attention to clean your carpet stains. You may not have to worry about the stains while hiring Green Cleaners Team experts for cleaning.

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