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Best Fabric For T Shirt Printing

Are you looking for the best shirt for yourself or your partner? Then, you have to know that there are many things which you have to consider while choosing a shirt. First of all, you must decide on the right material of the shirt. It is one of the most important things that you need as a good material. A shirt or t-shirt with a good material will help you to feel comfortable in it. If you are choosing a t-shirt for printing on it, then also choosing the right material is very important. Printing may be done on all materials, but you need to know about the best fabric for t-shirt printing. Here are some of the materials that you can consider:

Best Fabric For T Shirt Printing - Four Common Fabrics

#1: Cotton

Cotton is the most common material that you can find in most of the t-shirts. It is a soft natural fiber which is affordable. It is preferred for casual wear as it is comfortable and breathable in nature. Cottons can be of different kinds such as organic cotton and combed cotton. But a drawback to this material is that it can shrink in its first wash.

#2: Linen

Linen is quite comfortable to wear but the material is slightly rougher than that of the cotton. It is made from flax plant. Linen is not a very common material when it comes to t-shirts. These are mainly used for jackets. Though it is lightweight and tends to dry quickly, the fabric tends to get a lot of wrinkles. May be this will not be the right fabric for printing.

#3: Polyester

This is a man-made synthetic fiber which is widely used in several occasions, these days. Polyester is quite popular for being used in sports apparel. The material dries off quickly and it doesn’t wrinkle and also holds up pretty well in shape even after washing. This is a good material for t-shirt printing.

#4: Rayon

Rayon is another man-made material which is made with a perfect blend of trees and cotton. The fabric was first made as one of the cheaper versions of the silk. It has a smooth texture and feels good. It is quite similar to that of polyester. It is a great material for outdoor activities and sports. This material is lightweight which makes you feel comfortable. But it tends to wrinkle. You can use this material for printing as well.


So, if you are considering the best fabric for t-shirt printing, then the options are polyester, cotton and rayon. But the best ones are cotton and polyester. Both are used in different purposes. While the cotton one is mainly used for casual wear for summer days, polyester is mainly considered for athletic needs. They are used for sports as they dry off quite fast. If you want to print something on the t-shirt, then buying these two materials is the best option to consider. You will not be able to print properly on rayon or linen. Also, the fabrics are not widely used for t-shirts.

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