Carrie Upshaw

Fundraising Ideas For a School Trip

Parents and teachers alike all heave a collective sigh whenever fundraising season comes around. It's understandable though. Because as important as it is to offset some of the cost of certain school activities (trips, competitions, school projects), there's only so many chocolates, cookies and rolls you (or your grunting coworkers) can buy before it becomes annoying. While these traditional methods do bring in cash, they aren't always the most exciting or innovative ways to raise funds. With that in mind, here are some new fundraising ideas for a school trip, plus some revamped classics.

Fundraising Ideas For a School Trip - Creative Recommendations

1. Jelly Bean Count

Very entertaining and easy to set up (literally just put jellybeans in a jar and place it in the hallway), this fundraising idea requires students to pay a fixed amount ($1 or $2) before guessing how many jellybeans are in the jar. The person with the closest guess gets to win either the jar of jellybeans or something students may value. The thing about this idea is that it can be held weekly, so that there's a winner each week, and a reshuffled jellybean to count at the start of the following week.

2. Pancake Breakfast

Or something students will really fancy that's not typically on the menu. Pair the breakfast with drinks, make it a whole event and charge a premium. Whatever profit's realized will go into the fundraising.

3. Disney Day

Kids get to play "dress up" as their best Disney characters and give a small donation. This idea requires a lot of planning, so inform parents well before time so they can get the costumes ready.

4. Sell Popcorn

Unless greased with butter, salt or sugar, popcorn is a relatively healthier alternative to candy and cookies, so they can be sold in lieu of them. You can create popcorn gift bags and different flavors that will draw people's attention. If popcorn does not interest you, there is a plethora of foods you can sell at a fundraiser.

5. Balloon Pop

The idea here is sell air/helium filled balloons at a fixed price, say $10 a piece. All the balloons should have money, most should have $1 or $2, then a few should have $20s, $50s and one lucky balloon should have $100. Everyone buying balloon should hope to get the $100 balloon. You might not raise a significant amount through this, but it's worth considering when you want to fund small projects.

6. Yard Sale

Ask everyone to donate items they no longer need, that are still in great condition. Make sure the students do a great job of advertising, so the yard sale will be a success.

7. Recycling Drive

This idea is great because aside from raising money, you get to teach your students environmental consciousness. Partner with a recycling company who'll buy the scraps students are able to find.

Because of how common fundraisers are, sometimes one kid juggles more than one at a time - which can be annoying to parents. It's therefore important to include each fundraiser in the school plan, so parents are made aware in advance. Hopefully these fundraising ideas for a school trip will make raising money exciting. Tip: Don't forget we're in the digital age and that you can seek for donations from crowdfunding sites. You'll achieve your goals much faster if you can create a successful online campaign.

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