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What Does Cloud Hosting Mean & What's The Best Cloud Hosting Provider?

The internet is stuffed with websites. In fact, websites are what we refer to when we say internet. For any topic, any issue or any task, there is a specific website. A website is basically a compilation of different webpages similar or non-similar in niches under a single domain. Domain is what defines the website. In simpler words, domain name is the name of the website. In technical words, domains are the identity of your IP address. Domains are also referred to as host names and having a domain is compulsory if you want to develop a website. Without a domain, no website of any sort can be made.

The second thing which must be bought when setting up a website is a hosting service. Hosting is what allows you to add info to your website. In easier words, hosting is the body of the website while domain is its name. Different types of websites require different types of hosting. Hosting also comes under different pricings which makes them available to a wide range of users to buy according to their budget. Again, different kinds of websites require hosting plans of different price ranges.


. E-commerce websites – These are the websites which allow you to buy products directly from them. An example to E-commerce site is Amazon.

. Entertainment websites which allows users to browse through photos, videos or even movies. Netflix and Youtube are prime examples.

. Business websites – The ones which target a business sector or tell visitors about their business. These are used in order to promote a service which a company or an individual is offering. Developing such sites are known to boost sales immensely.

. Portfolio websites. These are the ones which carry the records of one’s previous work. This work might be done by an individual or by a group or company or anything. These websites are used by people who want to show their customers or clients how much capable they are in their field of work. These websites can be used as freelancers as well as companies such as furniture companies to show what furniture they have made in the past.

The list can go on and on. Some other common examples under this category are.

. Media websites

. Educational websites

. Social websites

. Personal website

. Nonprofit websites

. Portals

. Forums

The main idea behind stating all these common websites is that no matter how much different their category is, the root of these all are the same. All kinds of websites operate through a domain name and hosting service. However, their pricing plans or hosting types may be different. Yes, there is more than one type of hosting service.


Shared web hosting – Shared web hosting is the hosting service in which the hosting provider is providing hosting services for multiple websites each having their own domain name. However, the web server remains the same. Shared hosting services are very popular, however, they are not very known in terms of generating good income. Also, big websites which get a lot of traffic also find shared hosting useless.

Dedicated web server – Dedicated web server is also known as managed hosting service. In this type of hosting, the client is issued with an entire server which is not shared with anyone. This type of service is also provided as an add on service and not the main server.

Managed Wordpress hosting – This is the service which focuses highly upon wordpress. It covers all the technical requirements needed to successfully run a wordpress website. Its services include optimizing the speed, security of the wordpress website as well as running daily backups, installing updates automatically, improving the website’s scalability, and its uptime.

Cloud Hosting service - Cloud server is basically serves as a visual server. While many types of servers, serve as a physical server, cloud server acts as a visual one. It offers cloud service which means that the hosting can be accessed anytime from anywhere. The servers are accessed through internet and they can be easily accessed remotely.


A2 Hosting – A2 Hosting is known for being one of the best user friendly hosting providers out there on the internet. They offer any time money back guarantee which makes it easier for the users to put in trust and give their product a try. The pricing packages offered by A2 Hosting are also affordable and great for people who are starting a new website. You can also get help from their help forum or other sources which set you up on the right path of online working and guides you the best ways to manage your website.

HostGator- HostGator is one of the most popular hosting providers on the internet. They are actually very famous for their well-known crocodile logo. When it comes to services, HostGator has the top rankings in user research and many professionals who own big websites prefer to work with HostGator. One of its key features is the unlimited storage it offers which is really useful for websites containing super quality images or a lot of content.

Cloudways Hosting service – Cloudways is yet another very popular hosting service available in the market. Its unique features makes it stand out and catch the eyes of customers easily. One of them is Cloudways discount can be seen on this page which is basically you getting a free promo code on of their hosting packages which you can apply to get a decent discount. Performance wise, Cloudways hosting is fast, offers good web security and is affordable for majority of customers.

There are still many other hosting services which are well known and famous in specific countries. Picking out only one can be a tougher call and at the end of the day, the best hosting service is the one which fits up to the demands of your website successfully.

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