Why Everything You Know About PERSONALIZED GIFTS Is A Lie

This layer then drying it for minutes and then again doing it so giving it a good two to three layers will make the canvas look more real so just have some patience and do it two three times so now after drying it personalized gifts you can see it looks like this I'll give you a closer look of the picture itself and you can see it.

Appears more like a canvas painting or an oil painting kind of thing and it's a good home decor you can put it on your entryway in your temple or you can give someone this is such a personalized and classy looking gift for the boarder I am thinking of putting two ribbons just to make it a little bit more attractive so here is the final look of the picture personalized gifts for girlfriend how it looks and how it's turned out to be (Music) now let's see the second method so here.

I have a smaller canvas on top of it I am put putting a layer of Mod Podge and then what I'll do personalized gifts is I'll take a black-and-white picture you can take colored as well on a normal printing paper and then paste it on the canvas remove any extra bubbles and make it smooth.

Then once it's a little bit dry to three minutes four minutes after you give it one more layer of Mod Podge on top of it and then let it dry for good hours (Music) now after hours you take a wet sponge personalized gifts excess water taken out and just dab on top of this just little by little and then you have to scratch the paper out you do it in a couple of rounds don't try to do it everything in one round so you have to be gentle with it.

You will see the image got transferred beautifully so it will take some time and patience but the result will be really very good personalized gifts so now it's your personal choice if you want to use the first method or the second method but as far as my choice is concerned when it comes to personal pictures like family pictures my kids picture or anything like that which I have to give to my parents or my friends then probably I'll use this method because for personal pictures it gives a more natural look

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