Swati Jagdeva

Need For SEO in 2019

A modern-day business cannot possibly hope to compete without an SEO consultant savvy in UX signals and Rank Brain, but even that isn't all to consider. Because of this, it's important that businesses reach out to SEO experts and professional services, and not try to lump it into an all-in-one digital marketing team. These services were great years ago, but SEO has grown to the point that it needs its own full-time attention from a trained and vetted team.

The next point SEO experts consider is dwelled time or the amount of time spent on a page. For example, if one page has a dwell time of 5 minutes, and a different page has a dwell time of 10 seconds, the 5-minute dwell time will be ranked higher. The thinking is that if the user spends longer on a particular page, they must be getting something out of the content. Conversely, pages that are clicked out of quickly will be ranked lower, as it’s a signal that the user did not find what they were looking for.

If it is found that you have a high bounce rate and low dwell time, the top SEO experts will assist you in re-evaluating the content of your page. They are trained in top of the line copywriting and sales funnelling techniques and can help you raise your rankings accordingly. The highest ranked webpages follow the funnel formula, wherein the pages are designed to turn the clicks into customers. This is handled by an interesting page, followed by an information page, and finally an offer and confirmation.

To stand out in 2019, SEO must take all of these factors into account. However, even after all of that, there are still hurdles to overcome. In recent years, what's known as organic click-through rate or CTR has fallen.

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Sites such as Google offer featured boxes and snippets that will show up at the top of each page. These are handy for users but can be problematic for businesses trying to rise through the rankings. To combat this, SEO experts use special techniques to boost organic CTR's, such as the 'click magnet'. These involve manipulation of the top keywords related to the business or service and can have amazing results.

They use tools such as Google AdWords to find the most commonly used keywords, and place them in their descriptions and tags for the site Keyword research is not a one-and-done deal, however, and is an ever-changing and ongoing process. This makes sense because as businesses and services continue to evolve and new trends emerge, new keywords will come with them.


SEO shows absolutely no signs of slowing down this year or in the near future. To remain relevant and competitive, it is imperative to employ top SEO experts well versed in UX signals and keyword research. With those in hand, nothing stands in the way of rising to the top of the rankings.

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