Four Vital Things To Look Out For When Buying A Fidget Cube

Do you feel anxious? Sometimes for no seemingly good reason? Do you get stressed? Perhaps more often than you’re used to? Don’t worry, you are not alone. We live in a generation where we are constantly trying to juggle many things at the same time. Things that make it difficult for us to focus and concentrate. At any point in time, a multitude of things can demand our attention, and it can happen at any moment of our waking—365 days a year. Work life, family life, sports, hobbies. These are just a few things many of us are juggling on a daily basis. It’s no wonder why many people fall into depression, feel anxious, get stressed, twitch, and fidget.

Stress and anxiety have become a modern epidemic in today’s society. In fact, according to Futurity, 1 in 13 people globally suffer from some form of anxiety. This has led to the invention of a range of products designed to specifically tackle anxiousness, nervousness, stress, and the inability to focus. Among the most popular products in this category are fidgets, whether they be the popular fidget spinners, fidget cubes, or fidget pens. This article is a brief but nonetheless comprehensive look at fidget cubes.

Tips On Buying Your First Fidget Cube

Thanks to the popularity of fidget cubes, many companies are coming up with new designs, some of which are better quality, at a lower price. This makes it challenging to ascertain what the best option for you is. Since many users report that most of the brands they buy in the market are low quality and end up being a total waste of money, it is advisable to exhaustively research before making a purchase. To help save you time, money, and disappointment here are four vital things you should look out for when buying a fidget cube.

1. Check carefully to ensure that all sides of the cube work. Spare some time to ensure that the specific device you want to buy is fully functional. Most low quality cubes have buttons that do not click, joysticks that do not freely move in all directions and wheels that don’t roll. This makes the cube harder to use because it becomes a distraction that is stressful to use. When new all the parts should move without any strain or difficulty.

2. The stress cube you intend to purchase should feel comfortable in your hand: The last thing you want or need is a fidget cube that is uncomfortable to hold. Since most people typically want a discreet device that they can use without any difficulty, you need to find one that feels good in your hand. This means avoiding those that feel hard and instead of going for a smooth and velvety finish. This is especially crucial for the worry stone side- you want a stress toy that feels satisfying and soothing to rub no matter how long you use it.

3. Pay keen attention to the noise level. What most people don’t know is that the noise level varies from one brand to another. Since most users want fidget cubes for work, school and other professional settings where silence is more favorable, check carefully to make sure that all the sides can be pressed and rolled without making too much noise. The noise level is closely related to the ability to move swiftly. When the parts can move without any difficulty, the device makes less noise.

4. Before choosing a particular brand, thoroughly go through consumer reviews and seek references from people you trust. There are numerous brands to pick from making it harder to make settle on one. Seek references from people who use fidget cubes daily. Also, take the prerogative to research thoroughly online; go through consumer reviews. If a majority of the reviews are great then there is a high chance that it is an effective and highly functional product that is worth every penny. It is advisable to go for quality and reasonable pricing.

So, there you have it. Four vital things to look out for when buying your first fidget cube or fidget cube for someone else. Happy fidgeting!

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