5 Free Link Building Strategies to Help you Rank on Search Engines

It has now been close to 5 years since I started my SEO journey and it has been quite a steep learning curve. Over the years I have come up with multiple SEO strategies that are widely used in the Industry by SEO Experts and can be used by anyone to get started with their link building.

And if the competition is low to medium for the keywords you are targeting then chances are you might end up on page 1 of SERP’s only using these techniques.

So here are my top 5 link building strategies:

1. Directory Submissions or Local Citations: The easiest place to start of your campaign. Will not rank you on SERP’s bust can surely help you with getting your ranks moving for the 3 pack map listings (Local SEO). All you need to do is get a list of directories from your country, which are easily available on Google and start adding your website on these directories.

2. Web 2.0 Links: New to this term? Web 2.0 refers to sites that are built around user-generated content. Think of Tumblr, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, what do these sites have in common? All the content on these websites is added by the user rather than the company or platform itself.

But why are these good for SEO? OK, this is because they are considered to be authoritative websites with a high domain and page authority. And if you get links to your website, this will lead to some link juice being passed on to your website resulting in better rankings.

This sometimes is considered as a Gray hat technique so it is best you exercise some caution while building these links, here are some things to watch out for,

• Don’t build too many web 2.0 properties rather concentrate on the few of the best and try to build a relationship with your audience by sharing meaningful content.

• Don’t create content with the idea of stuffing keywords, keep in natural.

Here is a list of Web 2.0 properties that you can create.

3. Competitor Analysis: Come to think of it, you are trying to beat the top 3 competitors on the SERP and get some of their traffic, aren’t you? So what better place to start than your competitors back link profile. You can use softwares such as MOZ and Majestic SEO to analyse the back link profiles of your competitors. You can replicate these links or better still come up with better strategies to create your own back links.

4. Web Mentions: If you are an established business embarking on an SEO journey then chances are there are some unlinked mentions of your business online. You can use a tool like Ahrefs to find these mentions online and convert them into links. Here is a handy little guide that can help you do this.

5. Ask within your Network: Asking for links is another simple yet effective way of embarking on your link building journey. Friends, Family, Colleagues, Suppliers who ever you can ask then do so as this will help you to get the much wanted links to get started with SEO.

About the author - This blog has been put together by Divij Mehta, who is a self taught SEO and runs a Digital Agency in Sydney, Australia.

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