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Peter Sarkis And The Tenerife Forum Idea

Tenerife is one of those places where you're instantly captured by its charm and friendliness.

The idea of starting out a platform to build a community online stemmed from previous experiences of discussion boards that lacked basic systems and dedication.

The decision was to use a main website as an entry point but have social media accounts on the main platforms as bases for the growing community.

I knew the effort that was involved so rather than sit around thinking about it, I jumped in and started the process.

Did Peter Sarkis Succeed With The Idea?

I'd like to think so but it all depends on which angle you look at it.

For me, it was never really about a business model or a plan to make money out of it but when the community began to take off, I decided that earning a bit of income from the pages after all the time and effort dedicated to growing the community would be fine so I added a few things that I thought might add value to our members while earning a little something without becoming too commercial.

Why All The Nasty Articles And Comments About You Online?

Take a look anywhere on social media and see for yourself how nasty people can be whether it's caused by jealousy, alcohol, ego, or just plain stupidity.

You can't fix stupid and there's no app for that just yet.

Is There More Info on Peter Sarkis And The Journey?

There are other articles with more details on how the community got started and the experience. You can read some more below:

About Peter Sarkis and Tenerife Forum

Peter Sarkis - Tenerife Forum

Peter Sarkis Tenerife - The Tenerife Forum Story

Peter Sarkis & Tenerife Forum

Where Now For Peter Sarkis?

We plan to continue what we're doing and maintaining the continued growth of the community.

So many people have benefited from the community and as time goes on, other things may sprout from the pages which we feel might add more value to our community which have one thing in common that binds them all together:

Their love of Tenerife!

If you're not already a member or not following us on social media then we invite you to join us and get the most out of our popular community.

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