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7 yummy sweet tortilla recipes for dessert

Tortillas are used a lot to make savory dishes, but less for making sweet dishes. If you have never tried sweet tortilla recipes then you should definitely try it. For example by making on of the following recipes for dessert.

1. Sweet tortilla dessert cups

With a tortilla you can make sweet tortilla dessert cups and fill them with an apple pie filling and slices of banana. As a finishing touch you can add whipped cream on top of the cups.


2. Bunuelos tortilla cream cheese cake

This sweet bunuelos tortilla cream cheese cake is a real treat. It is easy to make with sugared pan fried tortillas, cream cheese, cocoa powder and fresh berries. Super yummy!


3. Nutella banana quesadillas

You can make these sweet quesadillas with banana, homemade Nutella and raspberries. The quesadillas are baked in the oven and you can serve them for dessert with some whiped cream and chocolate sauce.


4. Apple pie taquitos

These apple pie taquitos are baked in the oven and ffilled with a delicious homemade apple pie filling. As a finishing touch decorate them with agave syrup and cacao.


5. Tortilla tropical ice cream sundae

You can make a delicious ice cream by preparing a tropical fruits smoothie and store it into the freezer. Serve this ice cream it with a sweet tortilla waffle and chocolate sauce to create a yummy tortilla tropical ice cream sundae.


6. Apple tortilla bites

These cute apple tortilla bites are made with a muffin pan in the oven. The tortilla bites are filled with apple and raisins and sprinkled with brown sugar. You can add some whipped cream on top if you like


7. Nice cream with tortilla waffles

Nice cream is as a an ice cream structure but not the calories. It is easy to make and done in no time. Serve the nice cream with tortilla waffles that are sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. Enjoy!


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