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8 tasty taco recipe ideas for taco Tuesday

Do you want to try another taco recipe? In this post you will find eight different kind of delicious taco ideas. These taco dishes are perfect for taco Tuesday or any other day of the week :)

You can eat the tacos with some Mexican rice, Mexican potatoes or Mexican fries.

1. Organic beef tacos

A classic but very favorite taco that is made with organic ground beef, kidney and a great sauce. The sauce is thick and the taste is rich of flavor. You wil go back to this recipe again and again.


2. Carnitas tenderloin tacos

Tacos with carnitas tenderloin is a perfect combination. You can make tender carnitas tenderloin with a slow cooker or an oven and you can use soft tortilla tacos or hard shell tacos.


3. Vegetable stir fry with tacos

This vegan taco dish is made with colorful vegetables like green beans, bell peppers, mushrooms and tomato. It's a healthy taco with a great taste and crunch.


4. Chicken tinga tacos

You can fill soft or hard tacos with chicken tinga. Chicken tinga is a delicious Mexican dish made with shredded chicken and a creamy spicy red chipotle sauce.


5. Shrimp asparagus tacos

Within just 25 minutes you can make these soft tacos with shrimps and green asparagus. The green asparagus are firm and crunchy and are a great combination with soft tacos.


6. Tilapia fish tacos

These fish tacos are made with tilapia and avocado paratha flatbread. It is oven baked dish that is quick and easy to make and tastes amazing. So give this dish a try!


7. Chickpea tacos with lamb kebak skewers

This taco dish is special. It is made with homemade chickpea tortillas in combination with lamb kebab skewers and a tahini red roasted salsa sauce. The chickpeas give it a natural nutty flavor, but you can also use regular tacos if you want.


8. Falafel burger with pita taco

This is also a special combination. It is a vegan dish made with pita tacos and a great vegan falafel burger. Just add some onion, tomato or sauce as a finishing touch. You can make the pita tacos with homemade pita bread or store bought pita bread.



If you want to make corn tacos yourself then you can follow this recipe.

You can use a homemade taco seasoning to add something special to your taco dishes.

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