Thomas Builard

Common Types of Spring Pests That You Need To Be Aware Of

With the rapid return of the warm climate and the spring weather, a few pests are starting to resurface. It is important to people to know what pests to watch out for and how to deal with them because these are pests that are capable of causing health problems for family, friends, and pets. In some cases, the health consequences can be serious.

1. Ticks

Ticks are common in the spring weather because they enjoy a temperate climate combined with a little bit of moisture. The best defense against ticks is to avoid them. Those entering tall grass should make sure that they wear long clothing to protect their skin against the bite of a tick. Furthermore, be sure to check pets for ticks when they come in as this is a common way that ticks can enter a household. Remember that ticks can carry both Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

2. Flies

In the winter, flies remain annoying; however, they seem to multiply during the warmer months due to the temperature and their breeding cycle. Flies are so common during the day that they cannot be completely avoided; however, they tend to be less active while the sun is down. For those who are looking for a way to avoid flies during the day, try to wear bug repellent or hang a light on the deck that will attract the flies in the area to its presence.

3. Wasps

Spring is a common time of year for wasps because they like to build their nests during this time in preparation for the hot summer months. Wasps are able to sting multiple times with varying amounts of venom that can become quite painful and, possibly, deadly to those with allergies. People should avoid wearing bright colors, particularly in floral patterns, because these will attract wasps. Sugary snacks also attract wasps so try to avoid these in the outdoors.

4. Ants

Ants are incredibly common, particularly further south. Furthermore, red-colored fire ants can pack a serious punch if bitten by one. In order to avoid ants, people should keep an eye out for any small hills and avoid kicking these over and releasing the ant colony. If ants start to infiltrate the house, it might be better to call a professional pest control company to look for the source and deal with them permanently.

5. Rodents

Rodents are common during the spring because they emerge from hibernation in search of food. To avoid mice, it is best to make sure that the house is sealed from the outdoors and avoid leaving any food on the counter. If a rodent problem arises, contact pest control sacramento company. At Golden Hills Pest Control, we have the expertise and the equipment necessary to deal with the problem at its source to prevent it from returning.

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