The Ultimate Guide To Quicksilver Hemp Oil

Quicksilver hemp oil Times and here's the answer hemp products that are sold in the stores are most often made with hemp Quicksilver hemp oil seed oil okay and hemp seed oil only contains trace amounts of CBD okay so even though you know hemp seed oil can be a great sort of source of nutrition the quantity of CBD is very marginal.

You know the the CBD per weight is not it doesn't make it's feasible as a CBD supplement so our CBD hemp oil is extracted from the stalk of specifically selected hemp.

Cultivars which give us a higher percentage of CBD by weight and additional nutritional benefits from the content of our oil so that's the answer to that question question number two will just get me high absolutely not okay.

You will not experience a high feeling from taking the oils unlike marijuana you know hemp CBD contains extremely low virtually you know none for for THC we're talking about less than one percent THC in our case it's point zero three percent and THC is the compound in marijuana that's responsible for making somebody feel high okay so no you won't get high you can still go to work.

You can still function throughout the day number three well I will I pass a drug test taking CBD oil yes you will pass a drug test CBD is considered to be undetectable in a saliva or urine test you know even though there's a minut amount or trace amounts of THC that can be detected all of the products that that we're launching comply with the federal regulations regarding the minimal THC content and our full spectrum hemp oil contains less than point zero three percent.

THC by quantity that is what is required by law acceptable query number four is that safe to carry all our hemp plants which are grown in both Colorado and Kentucky are free from chemical fertilizers pesticides so that you understand the quality begins with the expanding procedure and our hemp crops and from by the moment.

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