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SEO specialist, how to choose

SEO has become one of the bestselling weapons currently, your business must appear in the top 5 search engines to exist, which means that you have to find the best SEO specialist in your field, and above all, stronger than the one of your competitors. Still, it is necessary to know how to choose it.

We first provide you with a question guide, then an inventory of the qualities that will allow you to know what answers you should get from him.

Questions to ask your SEO consultant

What are your marketing skills? How do you integrate SEO with the inbound and outbound strategies of a company? Do you also do SEA? How do you integrate the two strategies to achieve synergy?

What are your sales knowledge and customer motivations? Who are your clients? What results did you get?

How do you and your customers rank in the search engines?

Who are your clients? Which master queries are important to them? Can you show me what you did?

• What are your knowledge of our field of activity?

• Are you located in our geographical area? What do you know? How does it work for local SEO?

• Since when are you in business?

• Do you agree to involve us in the creation of content?

• What are for you the 4 pillars of SEO?

• What social networks does he use to boost his clients' SEO positions?

• What other SEO techniques do you use?

• Do you guarantee results? How soon? (trap questions)

• What are Google's webmaster guidelines that you know and respect?

Experience and results obtained

A good SEO specialist cannot be good everywhere, it takes too much time, but he must be able to excel in his areas of predilection, either for himself or for his clients. Do not rely on screenshots made several years ago, check for yourself by doing live research.

Do not let him impress you with searches in which he arrives first with a large number of words, prefer to test simple queries which here are some examples:

• For an SEO consultant: "Google's first place"

• For a sales training school: "sales training" or "sales course"

• For an SEO training school: "SEO training" or "SEO web training".

Required skills

The skills of an SEO specialist must be broad, which favors experienced consultants. I provide you with a wide range, your specialist will probably not cover everything, but the wider his skills, the better your choice.

• Understand the basic principles of search engines in order to adapt to the constant evolution of their algorithms

• Basic knowledge of WordPress or the CMS used by your site in order to optimize it for SEO

• Writing French, knowledge of grammar and language as perfect as possible, and use of a specialized corrector. It is catastrophic to see some sites full of spelling mistakes, it completely discredits them

• Understanding and use of lexical fields and semantic cocoons used by the artificial intelligence of search engines. The stuffing of keywords is over for a long time, unfortunately a number of "specialists" still use it

• Quality of writing, pen, to capture the attention of readers

• Ability to challenge his techniques permanently to follow the evolution of algorithms, a good SEO specialist is constantly challenged and is never sure of anything

• Relational qualities to negotiate content placements on friend sites


Web Agency? SEO agency? SEO specialist? Not easy to find the right size, but here are some generalities.

• Web agencies often have the size to manage your entire site and carry out your SEO, SEA and social media campaigns. On the other hand, if they are often excellent in web advertising and adwords, they are not always in SEO. There are of course exceptions, but still they must keep their specialist, but the rotation of the vouchers is very strong in this environment.

In the end use common sense to make your choices, do not give all the powers to an agency or anyone, follow the results and the means to obtain them, advisors are not the payers!

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