Applying York Wallcoverings and Thibaut Wallpapers on the Painted Walls, etc

Wallcovering - like that one York wallcovering - is one of the most versatile finishing materials, which is widely used for interior decoration.

In addition, with its help, you can radically update the situation, and even the old apartment can dramatically change, and for the better. But repairing a house in the old building is always unexpected difficulties due to the fact that the previous owners almost certainly made repairs, and used for this various materials that no longer suit interior, and you want to get rid of them. Naturally, any owner seeks to minimize his material and labor costs for repairs.

Everyone knows that it is much more difficult to remodel than to do it from scratch. The cheapest option of cosmetic repair is a banal pasting of walls with new York wallcoverings or, for instance, Thibaut wallpaper. But not all walls can be glued with wallpaper. So, all the options and variants of wallpapers on the walls, where you can, and where you can not, we will consider below.

Wallpaper on the paint

Professionals recommend not to do this because the oil paint rarely falls perfectly smoothly. Almost always on the walls thee remain streaks that appear under the wallpaper. The second reason is the danger that the paint will simply fall off the walls under the weight of new wallcovering and all repairs will go wrong.

If you think that the paint is holding firmly, and do not want to waste time removing it, you can glue the wallpaper directly to the paint. But small preparatory work will have to be done, otherwise the wallpaper will not be glued at all.

Wallpaper on the whitewash

By no means. Wallpaper, pasted on the whitewash, is guaranteed to fall off in a few days (or immediately)? and no matter in which online wallpaper store you have chosen it and how good it is. Whitewash from the walls must be washed off. If the layer is too thick, then the main part is removed with a spatula. The surface must first be moistened with water - this will reduce the amount of dust. The remaining chalk is washed off with a stiff brush.

If the walls are whitewashed with lime, then they can not be cleaned, especially if the layer is small. A thick layer should be checked for strength and make sure that the lime under the weight of the wallpaper does not begin to fall off pieces. In any case, an acrylic primer must be applied on top of the lime. It will create a waterproof layer between wallpaper and lime, and lime will not break down from the impact of moisture. After this, the walls must be primed with a strongly diluted wallpaper paste.

Wallpaper on drywall

Yes, possible. It is only necessary to pre-seal the seams and holes from the screws. Then, the surface should be primed with any primer and after drying, proceed to the gluing. But this, if the repair will be done once and for all. The fact is that the wallpaper is so firmly adhered to the paper surface of the drywall that it will not be possible to remove them during the next repair without damaging it. Therefore, it is recommended to apply to the plasterboard first a layer of starting putty, and then (after it has dried) - the finish layer. After that, the surface is primed and ready to be pasted.

Wallpaper on the putty

Yes. The detailed answer to this question is given in the paragraph above.

Wallpaper on the plaster

Affirmative. But professional of Mahones Wallpaper Shop warn you: beforehand, make sure that the plaster is firmly attached to the wall (if it is old). Cracks and holes from screws and nails are puttied. Fresh plaster should dry out (sometimes it takes a week or even longer). Then the wall is covered with a primer in 1-2 layers.

New wallcovering to the old one

Only if the old wallpaper is paper, and that is not very recommended. If the wallpaper is very firmly attached to the wall, then you can take a chance. If they are lagging behind the walls, then they should not be glued on to the walls categorically. New wallpapers will pull the old ones, and they will fit together on your head.

Glue new York wallcovering on top of old vinyl or non-woven - it's generally the upper hand of frivolity, because you will not be able to paste them at all - they just will not stick. But nerves and labor you will spend a lot, and absolutely without result.

Therefore, an urgent recommendation is to remove any old wallpaper before gluing new ones.

Can I glue the old wallpaper?

Immediately we want to ask the person who is interested in this, the counter question - why? Repair is usually done to change the situation or when the wallpaper becomes dirty and shabby. So why use them again? Theoretically, if the wallpaper is removed neatly and whole strips (which is possible only with wallpaper on non-woven base), then you can paste them again. But the decorative properties of such a coating will be more than doubtful. Such wallpaper can be used, except that for gluing the walls in the barn in the country, and even cheaper to buy new paper wallpapers than to suffer from the old.

Wallpaper on the tile

Before the owners of old apartments, this question often arises, when it comes time to repair the kitchen. About 20 years ago it was fashionable to tile the kitchen walls with tiles. It's hard to beat her, but to continue to "admire" the white or pale green squares is not strong. Here comes to the minds of the owners the idea of ​​pasting wallpaper directly on top of the tile.

The complexity of the preparatory work can be compared with the laborious removal of tiles, since all seams should be flush with the tile, and each plate should be machined with a chisel or other suitable tool, making small incisions and removing part of the glaze. Then the surface must be carefully cleaned of debris and painted with paint, thus smoothing the irregularities. Then take advantage of the above recommendations regarding the gluing of battles on paint.

The second way is much easier. It is necessary to level the surface with the help of high-quality plaster, filling the seams. Then the tile must be primed with a special primer. Such a primer can even be processed glass. After that, the surface of the tile can be pasted with York wallpapers which fit to your interior

The above recommendations are not true in the last resort, you can always come up with your own way, experimenting with materials at hand.

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